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  1. That worked, Kauai; thanks. Perot in '92 still rides a roller coaster of momentum boasts and drops because RL events, though, e.g. the blackmail conspiracy with his daughter. (Play the scenario, you'll see it.) I'd much prefer if I could just run a campaign on even footing, without the real historical context.
  2. That's just it - he shows in the Candidate Editor as having $50M to start, yet still has nothing when you run the actual General Election scenario. Is this a toggle or line of code somewhere else in the game?
  3. In 1992, Perot starts the General campaign (if you go directly there) with no cash and gets a boast only in October. According to the FAQ, Perot dropped out and re-entered in RL, so this is by design. Why?!? This game contains over a dozen candidates who never actually ran, enabling you to play all sorts of hypotheticals. Why stick to real history with this one particular candidate? Is there a way to turn this off? Perot was the most viable 3rd party candidate since TR and the Bull Moose Party; I'd like to play him that way.
  4. One more thing - it had always bothered me that race/ethnicity is not a factor in the game e.g. Richardson might do better than expected in Texas and California due to a strong showing among Hispanics. Maybe Endorsers like the NAACP, with footsoldiers in appropriate states?
  5. Fundraising and advertising almost not even elements. I made enough through background fundraising to cover expenses, and it's the first time I've used "Add to All" for ads - maybe not a good thing. Other candidates don't seem to play catchup once you start influencing endorsers. May be a game limitation, but should it be possible to have someone as both an Endorser and a Crusader? (e.g. Dick Durbin for Obama). Seems silly that someone might campaign for one candidate yet endorse another. Same goes for Endorsers who were possible candidates i.e. Bayh is not available as endorser, even if
  6. C/B '08, I mailed you last week; did you get a chance to send out the latest update? I'd like to be included. New primary dates are crucial! Thanks for all your time. rlubell@yahoo.com
  7. 1992 would be fun if Mario Cuomo and Dick Gephardt are available to run for the Dems.
  8. Has anyone considered a tweak to intial settings/scenario to give an edge to Democrats in Louisiana due to anger over the Bush administration's response to Katrina? It remains to be seen if ill will towards the Republicans will carry over to the 2008 election in real life New Orleans, but in game terms that's certainly something the Democrats would want to play up. Prying away a non-swing state from your opponent is always a big coup.
  9. I'm sure it's been said before and I know it would be a nightmare to code, but the single biggest barrier to realism in this game imho is the lack of: Media Markets You pay a premium to run ads in, say, New York because it's the state with the 3rd largest population - 19 million. Well, 12 of those 19 million live in NYC, Long Island and Westchester county. And if you're reaching them, you're also reaching New Jersey and Connecticut. I only bring it up again because it was such a factor in the last presidential election. Ohio was mostly split evenly between Democrat wins in the city and R
  10. 1. There's no FAQ that I'm aware of (though I'm not much more than a rookie on this site myself) but the instructions on installing a scenario gives you some idea of what needs to be changed. 2. Electoral college vote only changes after a census, so I don't think population adjustment would be necessary. 3. Nixon would have been slower on civil rights and had a stronger hand in foreign policy. Too strong a hand maybe - does he get out of Cuban Missile Crisis without pressing the button? Then again, there's no Crisis without the Bay of Pigs, which Nixon might not have botched. I'd say the
  11. Hope you don't mind a newbie putting my 2 cents in... Watching the debate would give plenty of issues. I remember Health Care, 3rd World Debt Relief, and Alaskan Drilling; that's just off the top of my head.
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