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  1. I have two Ireland-based scenarios almost ready to publish. They concern the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland elections this year. ROI is almost done. NI is finished, but there's one thing I need to sort out. Is there any way to disable parties agreeing to coalitions? (This doesn't happen in RL Northern Ireland, but it happens all the time in CF.) Or do I just have to ratched the Party Relations down a bit?
  2. I've almost finished a scenario based on the Northern Ireland Assembly elections of 7 March 2007. However, there's a problem in that the computer parties can offer coalitions during the campaign - which is specifically prohibited in NI. I've added the following line to the scenario file - @allow_coalition_offers 0 @end - but it only prevents the human player from offering a coalition. Does anyone know whether this can be fixed?
  3. Think Tank Type


    Update: Two scenarios are now available for direct download. www.netsoc.tcd.ie/~egaffney/Ireland2002.zip www.netsoc.tcd.ie/~egaffney/Ireland2006.zip 1997: Finished candidates and ridings, working on events and issues. Ready soon. 2002: Pretty much in its final state. 2007: I'm working on a 2007 version of this scenario, the year when the election will be held, barring a complete change of heart on behalf of the government. Yes, there will be significant differences to the 2006 scenario. Yes, I'll put it up when I'm done.
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    I have uploaded these scenarios onto my website for storage, if nobody has a problem with that. I'll put the address up later, when they're done.
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    I have amended this scenario for Ireland's 2002 elections, with an updated map, endorsers... the works. I'm working on 1997 now. Post an e-mail if you want to play it, I'll try to get it to you in reasonable time. (Oh, and reference this post, there's at least three scenarios on offer in this thread so it might not be clear.)
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    Could you send to gaffneep [AT] tcd [DOT] ie? Thanks.
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