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  1. I'm really beginning to think that the AI in v. 1.5.5 of PM4E - 2010 - British needs to be made quite a bit harder and that ads either need to become more expensive or that fundraising numbers need to be brought way down. I set up UK - 2005 (unmodified, official scenario) as Blair/Labour on Hard mode and instantly created 3 Billboard ads, one on Blair - Experience, one attacking Kennedy/LibDem - Experience, and another attacking Howard/Tories on "Troops in Iraq." I spent 250k on creating a 5-day national ad highlighting Blair's position on Troops in Iraq. I basically kept to my theme setting
  2. Good scenario, but you might want to fix the percentages in Newport News, Democrats are at 0%, GOP at 95%, and all 108 primary delegates automatically go to Creigh Deeds because he is listed first. Also, the interviewers are on their default settings; it's hard to imagine Brian Moran being a guest on Letterman. Adding some events would make this scenario really good also. The scenario starts on Nov. 1, 2008, so having an event like "Obama Elected President!" or something could help. A counter such as "VA GOP nominates McDonnell for Gov." with a like momentum boost would counter this well
  3. Yes, but Blago might differ: --From 5 shocking revelations from the criminal complaint against Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (Chicago Tribune)
  4. Shall we add Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as well?
  5. That's true...not to mention that if he had ran, most of the Dems would have dropped out of the race. I'll make him off by default... As far as other candidates go (all off by default): (Additional) DEMOCRATS: Louisville Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson Lobbyist, former State Dem Chair, and fmr. State Rep. Terry McBrayer Fmr. Gov. Brereton Jones (complicated since he would def. be a Beshear Crusader) Fmr. Gov. and current State Sen. Julian Carroll Fmr. State Auditor Ed Hatchett State Auditor Crit Luallen Note: I would place AG Greg Stumbo in...he wanted to run and would have been a frontru
  6. I'm working on creating a Kentucky - 2007 scenario for P4E+P. Pretty interesting election, considering competitive primaries on both sides even though the incumbent Governor was running, although he had been indicted. As far as issues go, I have right now: Abortion Alternative Minimum Tax Corruption Death Penalty Economy Education Expanded Gaming Fiscal Policy Health Care Gas Prices Gun Control Illegal Immigration Patronage Prison Reform Right-to-Work Law Same-Sex Benefits Tort Reform Veterans' Affairs And as far as candidates go: DEMOCRATS Fmr. Lt. Gov. Steve Beshea
  7. Here are some Crusader suggestions for Kennedy: Paul Tsongas PIP: 1 Base Power: 1 Father Robert Drinan PIP: 1 Base Power: 1 Kennedy Family PIP: 0 Base Power: 3 As far as Carter goes: Ruth Carter Stapleton PIP: 0 Base Power: 2 For Reagan: Barry Goldwater PIP: 5 Base Power: 3 For Connally: Strom Thurmond PIP: 5 Base Power: 3 For Bush: James Baker PIP: 0 Base Power: 1 As far as Barry or Strom go, placing them in an endorser column might be better. I know that Thurmond supported Connally, but Thurmond being a Crusader could be a detriment in states above the Mason-Dixon
  8. Should Issue Familiarity's profile be raised also? I believe in 1980 that Reagan and Carter were in a statistical dead-heat going into the final debate where Reagan destroyed Carter which led to a landslide win in the Electoral College. I'm thinking around mid-October there should be an event timeline that starts and raises Issue Familiarity's profile to "Very High." Thoughts? BTW, Tip O'Neill should be removed as a Kennedy crusader and replaced...Carter (in the summer of '79) realized the power O'Neill could have for Kennedy and appointed O'Neill convention Chair, meaning O'Neill was subj
  9. Managed to get the issues resolved...rather obscure error with my new comp, it's cool on your end.
  10. Can't get the scenario to open...oodles of candidate picture error messages flood the screen when I try and select the scenario. EDIT: I finally set it up to where Vista would let me add the pictures, but the candidate attributes would reset to lowest possible values.
  11. Being as Sundlun is pushing 90, I doubt he would run.
  12. What about John Jay Hooker on the Dems side...he's a perennial candidate (nominee in '70 and '98); couldn't imagine him not running.
  13. My advice would be to go for either '72, '84, or '96. Anything historical (before 1972) brings you into all sorts of problems with the game engine because of the way conventions worked. Anything before 1972 can work, but it involves sacrificing historical accuracy for efficacy (welcome to Hollywood! ).
  14. I hope you realize that the map you have of the Congressional Districts is now incorrect. That was the map from the 2000 redistricting, but the 2003 mid-decade redistricting that cost Stenholm, Lampson, Bell, and several others their seats redid the map you have. I typed in "texas congressional district map" in Google Image Search and found this map that does the current CD's and done in the same fashion as your own map (probably made by the same person). Texas Congressional District Map (2003) I didn't put it as a .jpg so as to save room and I didn't know if you'd rather use the older, no
  15. This person has been stalking an insignificant Canadian party-changing MP for years and has been on the board forever; for laughs, try looking up "michaelm" and "belinda stronach" on Google Search...either way, he's nuts and I would encourage everyone to report this comment and I encourage the board administrator to ban the IP. BTW, I would also recommend An Unfinished Life by Robert Dallek...see if you can get it from the library for the relevant parts pertaining to 1960, but overall it's pretty good.
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