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    I could B.S. here but I will be honest, I think the financial levels of the parties are simply still the ones they had when I changed the party files from the German parties which explains the huge sums. Partially because it's difficult when you make the scenario to gauge what amount of money is realistic particularly if you work with a different country and also I must admit that I personally prefer a "money shouldn't be the issue" type campaign, with some however I may also simply have forgotten to change the values. If I had to think of how to otherwise further impove the scenario, I'd thi
  2. Revo06


    Well, the difficulty of getting a majority will be considerable specifically in the next election. Sinn Fein getting stronger will probably mess up things a bit and according to polls at the moment, neither the FF/PD coalition nor the FG/Labour coalition really have a majority.
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    Thanks for pointing that out. I had noticed a similar error with Cavan-Monaghan before and fixed it, this one seems to have slipped by me (it doesn't crash on election night for me oddly enough). Sinn Fein is currently at 10% in the opinion polls and expected to do very well in the next election. I know that they are doing awfully well though in the game. Part of it might be that it's difficult to really implement the Irish voter leanings, like Fine Gael and Fianna Fail both being very similar parties yet hostile to each other and that a lot of people would never vote Sinn Fein because of the
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    Here's a screenshot Notes: 1) Yes, here it's being played on the German version of C4E but the text in the scenario itself is in English. 2) The map boundaries look a little shoddy and big possibly but it's really not that easy to get solid black lines everywhere. And hey it's a first work.
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    Hi, this is my first scenario and it deals with the next Irish election. This election will occur some time in the next 14 months in the real world, it is generally assumed to occur some time next spring, however it pretty much can occur at any point in the timeframe - it is up to the present government to decide, May 2007 is the latest possible timeframe. In my scenario however the election is set to occur in this November 2006. Making an Ireland scenario is not easy because of the electoral system used in Ireland. Now I made this scenario for Chancellor Forever and indeed I decided to use
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