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  1. Josh

    Canada 2008

    One minor thing I noticed is that Joe Comuzzi is still a Liberal candidate. He's a Tory. Other than that, I really enjoyed the scenario! Good work!
  2. I'd love a copy of this. joshterry@rogers.com
  3. Can someone send me a copy of this when they get the chance? jm.terry88@hotmail.com Thanks!
  4. I'd like a copy whenever you get a chance. jm.terry88@hotmail.com
  5. Josh

    Canada 2007

    Haven't gotten mine... jmterry88@yahoo.ca
  6. Josh

    Canada 2007

    I would like to try this too! jmterry88@yahoo.ca
  7. Overall, a good scenario. I noticed a couple of minor things, mainly the weakness of the NDP. I think they should have higher numbers, and the fact that Stephen Harper is now the Rt. Hon.
  8. Overall, not a bad scenario- Bob Rae wants a Minority Government with 160 Seats? That accounts to a majority, so the LDP Goal needs to be re-adjusted. Funding levels are too low for all parties, especially the Greens, but other than that a good game.
  9. Stephen Harper barely holds a mandate, the NDP increases their numbers in the House, the Bloc takes 67 seats, and the Greens win 6 seats, making huge inroads in Toronto, most notably winning Bill Graham's riding of Toronto Centre. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y149/smar...2/minority1.jpg Harper wins two seats more than the Liberals http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y149/smar...2/minority2.jpg Jim Harris wins six seats for the Green Party Green Ridings Won (Riding, Green %, 2nd Place Party %, Name of 2nd Place Party) -Scarborough Southwest, 30-28% vs Liberal -Toronto Centre, 31-2
  10. Love the update- Ed Broadbent looks incredibly frightening in his new picture
  11. Josh


    I just purchased the game, and am trying to install new scenarios- For Example, let's use the Global President 2006. I've downloaded it, and have placed it into the "scenario" folder, and yet I can't get it to show up, even when I type in GlobalPresident2006/ into the Scenario.p43 file... Help? Never Mind...
  12. Adding G.W Bush to the Scenario that I sent in would make it extremely unrealistic, which is not, and never will be, my intentions.
  13. Thanks for the constructive comments- I know it's not necessarily perfect, it was originally intended for my own pleasure, and therefore I wasn't overly concerned with statistical accuracy, etc... Once I get into more serious scenario creation, I will be sure to take your comments to heed!
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