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  1. It's happened to me too, except on the British version.
  2. zugzwang

    Upgrading PM4E

    Happy to hear it. (sorry if you don't know me, i just wanted to increase my number of posts)
  3. The wonderful irony about computer games is that programmers spend hours on end creating a complex gaming system and then contradict it all by deliberately inserting cheats into it. Still, we like them
  4. I had no idea so many people already knew! Still, it makes a good talking point!
  5. Thank you for that, i wonder if it's a bug, or a deliberate game cheat?
  6. I haven't had PM forever (British version) for long but i have observed a shocking way to get as many command points as i wish! It works like this: Imagine you have used up all but one of your CPs. What do you do if you want to fundraise, or conduct a policy speech? The answer is simple-select an activity such as barnstorming that only requires the one CP you have left. Then, simply click the activity box again, and switch to fundraising (or policy speech, it doesn't really matter). The canditate activity does not change, but the number of CPs you have does. You will notice that instead of having all your available CPs used up, you have one spare. Repeat this again, so click the candidate activity box and switch to a high CP activity. Then, you will have two CPs to spare. Do this a third time and the candidate activity changes to what you have been selecting because you now have enough CPs. But this can bew taken even further... Now you can cancel that activity, and you still have the three CPs to spare! I have found a way to get instant endorsement too-just go through the steps above to free up the CPs and use two of them to influence an endorser. And then, whith one CP to spare, you can do it all again. The result-unlimited CPs! Note 1: Getting Instant endorsement takes a LOT of patience, because you are repeatedly going through the same process over and over, so in a way the limit to the number of CPs you have is equivalent to how much patience you've got. Note 2: You need at least one CP to start off with, so you can raise an activity in the activity box. Note 3: I know this works on PM forever (British) and President forever. I am unsure about other versions and would be grateful for some feedback.
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