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  1. graemp

    Scotland UK

    What happens when you cut and paste it?
  2. graemp

    Welsh Scenarios

  3. graemp

    Scotland UK

    The answer is 'Yes'. I have a template that I have used for Wales UK scenarios which could easily be adapted. As for N.Ireland, in my view, this is not so 'necessary' due to the natural stand alone nature of the province in the UK scenarios. If there is anyone with a particular knowleadge of Welsh politics who would like to collaborate by doing the issues for any of the incomplete scenarios sitting on my PC, please get in touch; They are 1915 [not a miss-type], 1923, 1929, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1970, 1979.
  4. graemp

    Scotland UK

    The October 1974 General Election in Scotland The scenario includes the new feature 'Enhanced Crusader Targetting Strategy' This scenario is complete except for the Issues. If anyone fancies tackling the issues, please feel free to do so and upload back to this thread. Download here .... Scotland - 1974 October.rar 1.3 MB http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2OQI30VW
  5. When I said that 'at the start of the 1987 general election campaign, the Alliance were shown in most polls to be level with the other two parties in a fairly even three-way vote split.' I should have pointed out that it had been traditional for the support of the third party to rise during a General election campaign by about 6%, which could easily have resulted in an Alliance majority. However, 1987 bucked the trend and the Alliance support fell away.
  6. It means you are screwed. It is a common error message that could be attributed to any number of things. Assuming that no errors are identified via the scenario checker, the most likely place for errors is in the ridings file. Some things are not picked up by the scenario checker, such as an out of date region name being used as a leader's home region.
  7. I have often wondered about Crusaders; What defines where they go? What determines how powerful they are? What determines when they get tired? Why are they called Crusaders? Dealing with the latter point first, it is not a description that relates to politics in the UK. It is only used as a term to describe those warriors in the middle ages who went to kill Muslims in the name of Christianity. It is a term that some modern day Muslims regard as offensive. Sometimes when i play a scenario I get to release a Crusader into the game only to discover that the Crusaders power is 0/0/0, and doe
  8. Election Night In PM4E, the timing of the declaration of the results is determined by the time details that appear for each region in the region variable file under the section // time polling occurs, EST // 2400 clock When I create a scenario and set the time for a particular region to declare as 0106, at the end of the game, that result comes out at "5:06 AM EST" (oddly, when the result is queing, it is listed as to be declared at 5:06 PM EST) Is it possible for me to correct this feature so that the time declared comes out as 0106? Is it possible to change the time from EST to GMT fo
  9. Saskatchewan - 2011 for the 2011 engine
  10. Hmm. I wonder if I've made any changes in the last year. Did you try any of the variants? I assume that you worked out how to enable them.
  11. I have an unfinished UK 1922 scenario sitting on my PC that I didn't think that I had uploaded to here. Please can you clarify if this is the scenario I sent to you or if it isn't, can you reveal where you found it as I would like to try it?
  12. By the start of the 1983 General Election campaign, the Alliance had fallen back from its 1981 poll peak, and the 1983 election never looked like giving anything other than a clear Tory majority. At the start of the 1987 general election campaign, the Alliance were shown in most polls to be level with the other two parties in a fairly even three-way vote split. I'm into Alternate election scenarios though not particularly a 1992 one. Lawrence: I assume that your starting point is a 1992 scenario that someone else has created. You can play around with the electoral trends file to try and g
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