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  1. Oops, I was cleaning my hard drive on my PC and it got deleted by mistake. Ok, so nevermind then.
  2. Wow, two posts at the same time. Awesome!
  3. Or instead of using names from Cyberia and Cyberland scenarios, how about some originality, like the "Right is Right" Party... "Prawo Jest Prawem" Party in polish or (PJP" for short)... Or maybe something like Kanchelska Alliance (Sojuszu) or Reform (Reformy) As for Fatherland (Ojczyzna) or Freedom (Wolność)... Here is Fascist Party (Faszysta)... Or you could call it the Centre Party (Centrum) or the Liberal Party (Liberalny) yet put his policies to the extreme right... some politicians are tricky like that sometimes... As for the other parties: komunistycznych (communist) socjaldemokrat
  4. I'm the guy who made the Belize 2003 scenario a long time ago. I never sent it to Theory Spark simply because the map was not made using their generic background as I was unaware of how to do a good map then. (in other words, it was my first scenario, it works great and is realistic but looks amateurish.) I'll try to find it and send it to everyone who requested it here. The scenario is probably somewhere in a "sent" folder of one of my old emails.
  5. I am always fascinated by how people behave. The guy who will write the scenario says "The voters have spoken. Japan it is." Then, matvail2002 propose "50% Chinese, 30% Indian..." I mean no offence to matvail, its simply funny and fascinating.
  6. I think there are as many Filipinos outside the Philippines as there are inside... the government has a policy of trying to send as many people abroad, skilled or otherwise. Also Filipinos are the second biggest foreign minority in Hong Kong (after Chinese born outside HK but ahead of British and American) and are also very numerous in Japan and South Korea. Which leads me to suggest this country could have a strong Filipino minority (say 80% Japanese, 15% Filipino, 5% others). They could be fighting for equal rights, equal wages, equal opportunities (including career advancement); they co
  7. could send me the Alexandria scenarios till then? The download link i found here doesn't appear to be working anymore. goldberg80 at gmail.com
  8. I'd like to have it please goldberg80 at gmail.com
  9. I'd like to receive it please. merci goldberg80 at gmail.com
  10. Goldberg

    Acadie 2009

    I'd like to receive it s'il vous plait. goldberg80 at gmail.com
  11. It seems the download link does not work. Can you email it to me at goldberg80 at gmail.com
  12. Goldberg

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    Please send to: goldberg80 at gmail.com
  13. That article was funny. So Bolton has not been confirmed because Democrats love Hugo Chavez. LOL.
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