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  1. send them all to trinhmaster@gmail.com and don't forget to include "the impaler" in your MN Governor's race scenario. thanks!
  2. Can we kick him from the boards until the demons leave him?
  3. Trinhmaster


    I burned things that reminded me of Bush.
  4. What I meant by my earlier post was that I usually in my last 3 weeks change at least one of my themes to a negative. Otherwise you can have all the momentum in the world and it still won't do anything since there are not any undecided voters to convince anymore.
  5. I usually run a positive campaign up untill week 3 and then shift to a negative campaign.
  6. This place is going to be insane with posts on election night.
  7. So I'm guessing this means it won't be out for a while?
  8. worth a lot more. I mean the presidential debates in this election are probably the single most important events besides the conventions and yet they only have a power of 4. I think they should have a power of at least 8 and that you should be able to spin them differently. For example say candidate A wins a debate candidate B should be able to spin it to the point where it would be judged a draw. Or you should have to set aside a certain number of CP before the debate and the number you set aside affects how well your candidate is precieved.
  9. The PM game is really cartoonish and dare I say dumbed down. It's not realistic and there is not nearly the same amount of strategy that is involved PF. However it is worth a "download" if you can get it off certain P2P services. Otherwise though I wouldn't waste your money on it.
  10. Hey good job on this scenario I really enjoyed playing it. However I would recommend that you change the map that you are using right now. It seems way to small to me and I think you should devise a method that would make it easier to make out the U.S. states. Keep up the good work!
  11. Could you email it to people if we gave you are adresses? Mine is trinhmaster@gmail.com. Thanks
  12. I think it would be a good idea to release a beta so we could give him feedback on how it's going together.
  13. He better get this out by the end of the month. He keeps pushing the release date back remebmer when it was going to be out in AUGUST!
  14. You need stamina otherwise you really can't do anything.
  15. I don't really think it's worth it to give speeches. Better just to get a few good ads and build up your FS.
  16. Your not a true politcal junkie if you leave it off.
  17. I'd like to see a scenario with all the big name Democrats and Republicans battling it out for their party's nomination. People like FDR, Kennedy, Lincoln, Bush 43, Clinton, Reagan, and of course Nixon just for fun to see who the two "ultimate" canidates are.
  18. I think the way you spell "dropp" is really funny. Good ideas though.
  19. Really just wishful thinking on the part of some Republican out there. I mean really has Illinois been pushed into the "Swing State" section?
  20. Primaries add-on going to be coming out. Could you give us a date or timeframe for it's release.
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