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  1. Update was sent out. Next sim is a 3 day block. I updates the news page as well. http://pm4ever.awardspace.com/ Oxymoron, I'll let Sask guy fill in for the next update or two. But you're more than welcome to join up in the next game. Water under the bridge. If you're interested, just take a look at the board and register an account so you're set to go.
  2. How long have you been studying Spanish for? I studies for three years in University, but can't say I'm at all proud of my conversational level.
  3. Too busy for PM4ever? What? Boy, you've got your priorities messed up
  4. It's cool. So far, only Peter has sent in any instructions.
  5. Next update has been sent. Apoligies for the small delay, but we've all set now, Conservative party running up to date. Next update is a single day so you guys can get a good look at the polls. Send in instructions as soon as possible and we'll get into weekl 2. Next week will be done as : 2 days, 3 days, 2 days as opposed to 3-3-1.
  6. Point taken, we will do exactly that.
  7. Conservative player unfortunately doesn't seem to be around. If anyone wants, they can pick them up. 3 days into the campaign. Really hoping someone swoops in. I don't want to control them myself.
  8. Kincora


    I can only imagine how quiet that House of Commons would be.
  9. I tried this scenario as well. I found that no matter what gains you made, they balanced themselves by next poll release, no matter what the momentum was.
  10. Yeah, NDP and BQ/Green's instructions are in so far.
  11. Kincora


    So, what's the concensus then. Is Myke's result legit?
  12. Kincora


    In 1988, the NDP was pretty strong in Alberta, and in this scenario in particuliar, it isn't hard for them to take Alberta from the PCs. The area I am most stunned by is Quebec.
  13. Kincora


    Sweet jesus...I thought my bare majority with Broadbent was pretty good......*fading back into the background whence I came*
  14. Site looks to be working again. We'll see if this is a constant problem. If so, I'll follow Saskguys advice and plug into geocities. Okay fellas, all 5 parties are accounted for now. I sent out the file to all except progressive dem. ( No email for you yet) Send in your first three days worth of instructions to my email for Friday night and you'll wake up to your first update on Saturday.
  15. Awardspace.com doesn't seem quite as stabe as they made themselve sout to be. It's been on and off the past two days, since I created it basically. (maybe too good to be true with no ads for free)-- I'll go fishing for another one tonight. ( early morning for you guys) Anyhow, We've got JJE playing the NDP, Peter playing the Conservatives and Saskguy stepping up for the BQ and Greens. Any takers for the Liberals... Boar, I know you want to...
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