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  1. Conventions haven't been working for me - it this normal? My last game, I played as Huntman and managed to rack up about 400 delegates, Gingrich got 800, and Romney got about 1000. At the convention, the game just said that I dropped out and each of Romney and Gingrich gained 0 delegates. In that situation, I guess I'd like the game to ask me where I'd like to direct my delegates, but minimally I don't suppose they're meant to just disappear into the aether.
  2. Jennifer Granholm was actually born in Canada, so she can't run for President.
  3. A few nitpicks, from looking at the data on the (excellent) wonk version: The NDP is much, much too weak in Hull-Aylmer and Gatineau. Those are two of the four seats the party has been targetting in Québec this cycle. Gatineau, especially, had a poll a few weeks ago with the Bloquiste at 30% and the NDP, Liberals and Conservatives all tied at 20%. Intuitively, the NDP is probably at the same level of support in Hull-Aylmer, with the Conservatives weaker and the Liberals and Bloc inversed. In Jeanne-Le Ber (Montréal), the NDP candidate's name is misspelled. It should be Daniel Breton (one t)
  4. Huckabee's momentum boost is probably way too high. I just played a game (October scenario) as Obama where Huckabee was endorsed, on December 1st, by Ted Strickland, Eliot Spitzer and the League of Conservation Voters. Granted, this is probably an engine problem, but still. For Spitzer and Strickland, the rankings were: Huckabee 111 Obama 77 Paul 50 McCain 44 Edwards 43 Maybe they should be moved from Center-Left to Left? Edit: Just played again, this time Huck was endorsed by all the Democratic governors.
  5. I'd like the scenario please joffre@gmail.com
  6. Oxymoron

    Canada 2007

    Historically, no, but thanks to new campaign finance laws, the NDP has more money than ever and they will be able to spend the legal limit, as much as the Liberals and Conservatives, for the first time ever in the next election.
  7. Oxymoron

    Canada 2007

    A few thoughts after a playthrough: The Conservatives are much too strong in the Atlantic. They've pissed practically everyone off with the equalization deal, especially in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Bill Casey in Cumberland-Colchester should be running as an independent since he got kicked out of the Conservative party. You have Marc Garneau running in Outremont, but he's actually running in Westmount. The Outremont candidate might be Brigitte Legault (it's my best guess at the time, though who knows who the party will appoint), who should have two stars. Bev Desjarlais in Churchill s
  8. Oxymoron

    Canada 2007

    I'd love to try it out joffre@gmail.com
  9. Both Michigan moved their primaries up to January, specifically forbidden by DNC rules, so the Democrats stripped those states of their delegates. It should actually be 0, but the engine can't handle that.
  10. This is a bit asinine, but do you think that the League of Conservation Voters should start off with 50 for Al Gore?
  11. National Organisation of Women. It had a problem in CLARK/BAYH's version where it starts off with Hillary at 50, but always endorses a Republican.
  12. joffre@gmail.com Thanks so much for making the scenario, I've been starved for new P4E stuff.
  13. Personally, I'd make it more expensive to run ads in it, to reflect the real-life cost of straw polls.
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