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  1. It's the part of the file that says which bit is which. Look through it - it's marked with notes on it. You don't need to create a new folder for those parts, but you've got to have a scenario folder for it. Then you copy the files there and just adjust them.
  2. Both files are in the root folder of each scenario. Copy them from there, and change the appropiate sections (the party lists and the region names) to the right ones. As a note, you may want to put in an electoral figures tool for this. Right now, you still need to go through them by hand in Notepad . Otherwise, it's great.
  3. Anthony, you are one of the best software developers I have ever seen. Ethical, hard-working and receptive. I can't wait to try it ! EDIT: Tried it. Very nice work, but one note is that I can't edit constituency names. Is that intentional? Otherwise, nice work!
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