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  1. I note in 1980 Labour were socialists and thus take up the same role as your idea for the NDP.
  2. JJE

    EU 2015

    Very well, I shall. And I'd like to see the scenario. chaosman312 aaaaatch warmpost dot communism.
  3. JJE

    EU 2015

    My thoughts. 1) Ditch the 'The' at the beginning of names. 2) Make the elections based on Euro results and use parties based on the European Parliament blocs: * People's (centre-right Europhile, EPP) * Socialists (centre-left, PES/NGL) * Liberals (liberal, ALDE/EFA) * Greens (green, EG) * Democrats (centre-right Eurosceptic, ED/UEN/ID) * United Left (left, UEL) * Freedom (right, former ITS) 3) Stop making the Turkish issue so explicitly pro-Muslim, especially for the left. 4) Maybe base the seats on actual European Parliament amounts (736) per country, and reduce the amount of seat
  4. Could someone possibly upload this? Hotmail won't let me download it.
  5. 1) The map is very ugly and you should probably get rid of the useless parts. Ireland, white space, logo, etc. 2) Chris Huhne needs to be a candidate. Hell, he's leading in the damned polls for the leadership ballot. 3) The British Right Alliance is already a party IRL. Hell, the leader's a 80soft user (seriously!). And the BNP and UKIP hate each other's guts. They'll never form a coalition. Ever. Both are powerful enough right now to exist separately. 4) Galloway should be an 'other' candidate/leader. Caroline Lucas should be the default Green leader. 5) London should probably be in four
  6. JJE


    I'm willing to make a new political forum, if people want. I must say, I'm annoyed at this. There's no justification behind this that I can see.
  7. Oh, I think I know what this is. On a game I play called PolUK someone made a 2007 scenario and included aplenty of candidates from the game ages ago, this appears to be it. A candidate based on myself is one of the LD candidates (Joseph Edwards).
  8. Indeed. I mean, a shining example of that is top-up fees. Doesn't affect Scotland yet was passed thanks to Scottish votes (without those it would have failed).
  9. It's OK to call us British, because frankly apart from a few radical Northern Irish republicans pretty much all of us feel we are British, and most of that British above whatever home nationality we are in. Scotland is a bit of a burden thinking about it, because their oil is drying up and we funnel a hell of a lot of money into Scotland (there's a formula that says Scotland gets greater public expenditure into the country) and we do get a lot of hostility back. That may be why most people want them out.
  10. Scotland has an outside chance of independence. The Scottish National Party are doing very well in the polls ahead of the elections for the Scottish Parliament in 2007, but Scottish independence support tends to have a way of ebbing away. However, with Gordon Brown trying to disassociate himself from Scotland as hard as he possibly can, you never know. Wales, no chance. England and Wales have been bound much longer than Scotland or Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom, and our legal systems are deeply intertwined. Even the nationalist Plaid Cymru are moving away sharply from independence -
  11. The BNP are a hard-right party dedicated to stopping immigration, preserving the British culture and providing a socialist economic alternative that has been neglected by Labour. Their motives are questionable, but meh. They're a bit of a pariah but they're gaining ground and their policies are actually quite popular according to some polls (it's just the fact it's the BNP that puts people off).
  12. c -- h -- a -- o -- s -- m -- a -- n -- 3 -- 1 -- 2 -- [at] -- h -- o -- t -- m -- a -- i -- l -- [dot] -- c -- o -- m Remove the dashes, obviously.
  13. Can I get this? c h a o s m a n 3 1 2 [a t] h o t m a i l [d o t] c o m
  14. Of course - there was to be no Republican candidate and the game didn't like that.
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