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    Games;Politics;Strategy;FPS;RTG;RPG;WW2;Vietnam War and more :)
  1. Hello there, I see you included Jan Peter Balkenende, however putting him under Liberal is not correct. He should be put under Conservative, and yes I should know because I live in the Netherlands . Need an example of a Dutch Liberal? Geert Wilders. To be honest he does nearly nothing in our country, and it is already the 4th government under his "command" as Prime Minister. He's a Reformed Protestant by the way.
  2. Nice scenario mate . Enjoyed playing it several times, good you toned down the Romney machine .
  3. Hello, It seems I can't download it with hotmail . Can you resend the file to: crowbar129@gmail.com Thanks, CrowBar
  4. Hello there. Can you send it to me to?: georilla2@hotmail.com Thanks in advance! - CrowBar
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