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  1. An excellent scenario! It was competetive, the issues were all well and good, and the end result was fairly exciting. The flags for the states are wrong though. Otherwise, a good one. ***1/2 out of ****
  2. I won with Debbs when I took out one of the candidates, although I agree that it's extremely hard to win with all four in the race.
  3. I actually added Stanford's mascot, the Tree, as a Libetarian candidate and gave him $150,000,000. It's a fun little challenge to face Perot, Bush and Clinton from 2% and sweep the nation with wave after wave of ads.
  4. Warren G the rapper should run for President, but he still won't be as dope as the Orginal Gamiel...
  5. Not remembered? Who could forget Warren G.'s establishment of the Bureau of the Budget. That's pretty gnarly in my opinion!!! (by the way, I don't think Warren G. Harding was a great president. I'm just trying to be a little different)
  6. First off, I must say I absolutely love P4Ever. It is solitaire for 21st century. Here are a couple of suggestions: -- Sending the election to Congress definately should be expanded. It should detail how each state delegation votes and should factor in parties switching sides, including to third parties. If there's one thing that ticks me off, it's when I've run a brilliant come from behind campaign with Ross Perot, placed first in electoral votes, with H.W. Bush in second, and have Bill Clinton win, even if he only got 33 electoral votes. As is, there is little chance of a big name third party candidate like Teddy Roosevelt, George Wallace or Perot winning the election. -- The aftermath to each scenario seems like a good idea. -- Warren G. Harding should reign supreme against everyone!
  7. The primary feature sounds extremely exciting, but is it going to be dramatically different from the real game? I played a "primary" for the Liberatarians and it didn't seem terribly appealing.
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