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  1. sweet! can you send it to azamzafar@gmail.com thanks in advance!
  2. zaffy


    Hi I have been waitng for the primaries update since August 2004 I check the site everyday. This is my favorite game and I thank the 80soft people for making it. But I hope I do not have to wait until Q3 2006 for it. I have already been waiting for 23 months for it. I would be thrilled if you guys just realised a mini update so we can have popular vote wins. I have been following the devlopers blog closly. The new editing formart looks great. Thanks Could you also give us some of the races that willbe in congree forever?
  3. zaffy

    The update?

    Hi, sorry I read the sticky, but its last post was in 2004! What is the status of the President Forever update? Is it still being worked on? Has it been canceled? Thanks, Zaffy
  4. Does being from a state help you or your running mate in the state?
  5. Kerry is winning in NC now? What poll site do you use? I use this http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/elect...home-multimedia
  6. did tony say yet in any thread, I have looked but did not find anything about it, the other threads were when do you think it is coming out or will it be better
  7. When is the new verison being released?
  8. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/elect...home-multimedia Illinois is a strong blue state
  9. please dont delay it until october
  10. After you win the game (playing as john kerry) it would be nice if your picture came up instead of it forever being 'Bush wins Alaska" also maybe adding conventions for the parties
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