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  1. Name: Luke Sproule

    Party: Labour

    Picture: Preferably Lenin but if it has to be Labour Party members then Milliband

    Age: 22

    Region: Northern Ireland (if iincluded as in the UK 2009 scenario) otherwise it will have to be North West

    Platform: Asylum and Immigration: CL

    Ban on Fox Hunting: L

    Devolved Powers: cl

    Education: CL

    Environment: L

    European Constitution: l

    Home Defence: CL

    ID Cards: L

    Licensing Laws: CL

    Marijuana: L

    NHS: CL

    NI Peace Process: CR

    Pensions: CL

    Smoking in Public: CL

    Tax and Spend: CL

    Terror Suspects: CL

    Terrorism: CL

    Troops in Iraq: CR

    Leadership: 4

    Integrity: 4

    Experience: 3

    Issue Familiarity: 4

    Charisma: 3

    Stamina: 3

    Debating: 4

    Constituency: Lagan Valley (if northern Ireland) if not any North West constituency will do

    Blurb: Named as the Labour Party leader in a surprise decision just months earlier, can Sproule lead the Labour Party to another election victory. His radical views on the Monarchy may lose him votes but his opinions on other matters have proved extremely popular

  2. I've almost got the Northern Ireland 2012 scenario working and canadian Tory is taking a look at it, but I'm getting the following errors.

    In between candidates when the game starts I'm gettting the error message- "List Index Out of Bounds (0)

    Then after all the candidates have been shown it says "@runningmates is not a valid intreger.

    Does anyone know what I should do?

  3. I've got this error message.

    I'm using the scenario checker and it checks the scenario and electorate trends files, then says "list index out of bounds"

    What should I do, I know I've got problems but due to this error, don't know where to look.

  4. I'm back after a long absence in which most of my time was taken up studying. I'm goingto re start on this scenario but I've got some errors and i'll need some help. If anyone can tell me what I need to do I'll email them the scenario.


  5. I am currently working on a Northern Ireland 2012 scenario. However it is my first scenario and I need some help on what to do next. It isn't anywhere near finished (at least I don't think it is) and I dont want it completed for me I just need someone to give me some quidance on whta else needs done.

    Is it OK if I post it??

    EDIT- How do you upload whole folders??

  6. Sorry to keep asking questions but I have now got all my logos working- but for the wring parties. I have made sure I am entering the right .bmp file in the parties document but they are still different.

    Then I am getting this error

    cannot open file graphics/scenario-specific/Northern Ireland-2012/slect-player.bmp

    does anyone know what is wrong?

  7. Partys

    Republican  (Centre-Right)

    Democrat    (Centre-Left)

    Libertarian  (Centrist)

    Green          (Left)

    British Independance  (Centrist , Want's British Independance)

    American    (Right, want's Britian to be a territory)

    Scottish National    (Centre-Left, wants Scotlands Independance)

    Plaid Cymru          (Centre-Left, wants Welsh Independance)

    Communist      (Left (Very Communist))

    Democratic Socialists  (Centre Left (Brown Leadership?))

    The Combined Unionists  ((IRISH)  Centre Right, wants British Independance))

    Soc. Dem. and Labour    ((IRISH)  Centre Left, want British and Irish Independance)

    Alliance of Liberal Democrats  (Centrist, wants British Independance)

    Scottish Labour Party    (SCOTTISH) (Kind of like new Labour, in Scotland)


    Good or bad?

    Good except for two- Combined unionist, A bette name would be simply Unionists or Northern Irish Unionist party.

    Sooc.Dem. and Labour would just want Irish independance as they are a nationalist party

  8. I am currently making my first forum (Northern Ireland assembly 2012) and have got some help from SaskGuy with lgos. However I am stuck where it says // mapPos 0,1 x 5 - 'none' for no position in regional variables. What do I type in below this?

  9. I've got another problem, I was trying to start up the scenarion to see how it was going and I got the error cannot open file/scenarios/Northern Ireland-2012/parties/DUP.bmp and after that 'list index out of bounds (0)

    Can anyone with more experinece tell me what I need to fix?

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