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  1. I am addicted as well, and it is very educational for people who do not know much about politics and also for those who get to see the format of a leader's tour. It is the only salvation I have while working on an actual election campaign. I love how extensive the game is, and the fact that you can use the 2006 scenario to make up all kind of crazy races involving party leaders. I enjoyed playing a Manning-Copps-Svend election campaign but the best was the Chretien-Mulroney clash, where Flyin' Brian picked up over 170 seats for me.
  2. Just won 150 seats as Mulroney in 2006 (Including 5 in Quebec, which is a feat considering what a wasteland it is for the CPC in the game). Of course right after the election he complained to Peter C. Newman that the liberal media prevented him from getting a majority. BTW I think Kim Campbell or her campaign team has a picture of Chretien circa 1993 thwy would like to get rid of.
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