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  1. @mlcorcoran Just what the nation thirsts for, another goddamned Sherman. With one cousin killed by friendly fire and another voted out after destroying the economy, it’s on James Schoolcraft Sherman to save his families legacy — in a decade or two. He’s currently 25.
  2. @Leuser James G Blaine is 50! 50 years old! He likes to stretch! And kick! He’s 50!
  3. @vcczar Nelson is over 34 and therefore eligible for a job, should you have one in mind for him.
  4. @swejie Clark is 30 years, not quite eligible for a job yet. (The good news is Kern is about to become eligible.)
  5. Nobody has 7 statesmen, so nobody can retire. New statesmen, coming up!
  6. Each faction gains 1 IP. President @vcczar Grover Cleveland gains 1 IP as party leader. So does the new Republican party leader, @mlcorcoran former Secretary of Interior Chester A Arthur. Per their cards, Mark Hanna and Roscoe Conkling each gain 1 IP.
  7. Sherman retires after one disastrous term as President. 1 Victory Point to @mlcorcoran. 3 Popularity to President Cleveland. 1 Popularity to VP Breckenridge. @mlcorcoran I've awarded the popularity and your victory point. Can you kill off President Sherman?
  8. Alright! Our election is between Sherman-Wheeler vs. Cleveland-Breckinridge. Rolling them October Surprise bones...rolled a 2. No impact. Challengers have 7 of the necessary 6 keys. Grover Cleveland and John C Breckinridge win!
  9. Ha, fair enough. Yes, it applies to the current President.
  10. Action to you to name Cleveland's VP. Most be from a "not northeast" state. Full list of such states is on the main tab.
  11. If it helps, the 1880 election “is” the election as nobody has actually voted yet. ;c)
  12. Actually, social unrest was already true due to the starving vets. But Sherman has been docked his 2 popularity. Action to @swejie and @vcczar to decide who the democrat nominee will be. You’re under no obligation to agree, you can have a contested convention if you want one and still be pretty confident Democrats will win the race — you currently project to get 7 of the 6 keys necessary.
  13. @Leuser plays... Mostly immigrant factory workers in Chicago have organized a wide scale strike against work conditions. Among their wild demands? An 8 hour work day. Can you imagine! Unfortunately, when police attempted to break up the mostly peaceful rally, an unidentified figure threw an explosive device which killed a police officer. The surviving police retaliated against the crowd, leading to dozens of deaths and perhaps 100 injuries on both sides. Despite no evidence that any of them were behind the explosion, and some compelling evidence that a few of them weren’t even present, eight of the alleged strike organizers were arrested and convicted. Meanwhile, Chicago is drowning in dual protests against immigrants on one side, and against police brutality on the other. But the working conditions have been forgotten, at least. Both sides do agree on one thing, at least: This is President Sherman’s fault. Sherman loses 2 popularity. Social unrest flips to true.
  14. No, the rules are specific about this part. Only a President can ignore.
  15. An investigation into the death of Governor and former Presidential candidate Samuel Tilden has revealed a shocking conspiracy surrounding the Brooklyn Bridge. In a scheme that seems familiar to anyone who read about the Credit Mobilier Scandal which was exposed during Grant's first term, a holding company has been fraudulently been running up costs on the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge for the past decade. Wealthy banker William English, millionaire Senator Henry G Davis, and war hero Winfield Scott Hancock (so chosen to lend public credibility to the scheme) have all been accused of personally profiting off of the shameful scam, undertaken during a time when our nation cannot afford to feed our Veterans, though the allegations have not been proven. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that both Hancock and English have been uninvited to the Democrat smoke-filled room. Senator Davis is expected to still appear though, while investigations into the cause of Governor Tilden's death continue. @vcczar
  16. Wait, I forgot about cards. @Leuser @mlcorcoran @swejie @vcczar playing any cards to impact nominations or the keys for the election?
  17. The election of 1880! Sitting Presidents are automatically nominated to a second term, though in this case it won't count as unanimous as Sherman does not have a lead of more than two popularity points over anyone else in his party. Nonetheless, his nomination is guaranteed. @mlcorcoran who will be your northeastern VP, given that Wilson is dead?
  18. @mlcorcoran ISSUE FOUR 1880 President Sherman’s chickens have come home to roost. Suspending the gold act, which caused rampant inflation and a decrease in the value of a dollar and even confidence in the dollar system at all...stripping away the protective tariffs which led to people buying goods made overseas instead of in our own factories...which led to our precious gold being shipped overseas to pay for those goods, as nobody wants our stupid, inflated pieces of paper...and abandoning our poor civil war Veterans to starve... I gotta tell ya. This has not been a very successful economic recovery plan. Does President Sherman have any plan on how to turn this around before he is up for re-election? Any plan at all?
  19. Agreed. I’d also add the President is under no obligation to raise the IP before sending to a cabinet member of another player. For example, when I’ve played the game, if I had to ignore the issue I might send it to the cabinet member with the knowledge it would fail, so that I’d at least take that other player down with me. Im ruthless as a player. ;c)
  20. Actually, reading the rules closely, it is up to the President to decide whether to send an issue to the cabinet member or ignore, and then up to the cabinet member to decide whether to succeed (with enough ability and Ip) or fail. As you control both, I agree you wouldn’t have sent it to your cabinet member without a plan. We’ll leave it as ignored.
  21. Fair point! This may sway my vote, if it comes down to me as tie breaker.
  22. So, I’m waffling on whether this counts as “ignored”, in which case you processed it correctly, or “failed” since you did try to get the support but...well, failed. If it’s failed, this would be -2 to the Sec of Interior as well. I’ll leave it up to the group to decide. Naturally, your vote will also dictate how we handle this kind of thing moving forward. If it’s a tie, ill cast the tie-breaker. @mlcorcoran @swejie @vcczar @Leuser The question on the table: If you try to raise the necessary IP and don’t receive it, should that be processed as a ignore (only impacting President) or a fail (also impacting cabinet members, if relevant)
  23. The only one I'm familiar with is Hunger Games -- but as a dad, it's also one of the worst ones I could imagine.
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