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  1. You're right...Huckabee taps into the deep populist sentiment that Obama is riding...but that's just it. There's only so much of that to go around, and Obama's going to take the majority. I watched the Iowa caucuses live, flipping between every channel...and everyone (even Fox) was going on and on about Obama and barely mentioning Huckabee. Obama and Huckabee both excite people...but Obama is the more exciting of the two, if you're not a self-described evangelical. And, again, there's only so many of THOSE to go around. And they're likely to vote for whoever is the Republican candidate anyhow. So those who are just looking for excitement are going to go for Obama. This kills any support Huckabee has outside the church. Romney should be the obvious choice in Huckabee's wake...but he's been going negative for so long that his unfavorables have to b higher than Clinton's by now. In my mind, Thompson and Paul will never get another supporter that they don't already have...which leaves Guiliani or McCain. It could be McCain of course, but I think the republican party will see Obama will destroy him in debates...McCain has the experience, it's true, but he's so bad in debates that most won't see that. Guilani can hold his own in a debate, which is why I think he'll the eventual nominee (although Obama will destroy him too.) As I said...this is all assuming Obama gets the nomination. If it turns out that it's Clinton, McCain is the clear choice for Republicans. And, for the record, I think it's a Clinton-Romney matchup that Bloomberg is waiting to jump in on.
  2. New Hampshire: Democrats Clinton Obama (nearly tied for first, becomes the official "anti-hillary") Edwards (Distant third...loses momentum, drops out within a week or so) Richardson (sticks around until Nevada, at least) Kucinich (If he doesn't drop out "before" the primaries, he'll certainly drop out afterwards) Republicans: McCain Romney (Sticks around past Feb 5th...he has the money, why not?) Guiliani (Shocks with a third place appearance, boosts his viability considerably) Huckabee (Stays around at least till South Carolina) Thompson (Should drop out...but will probably see South Carolina) Paul (Sticks around to Feb 5th. Has the money...inexplicably.) Other random predictions: Unless Hillary is 70% sure she will win almost all of Feb 5th...she'll drop out a day or two before. Better to look like she's backing Obama than look like Obama kicked her ass. Huckabee's evangelical support will not be enough...nomination comes down to Romney, McCain, or Guiliani. Facing Obama in the main event, Republicans will eventually unite behind Guliani. Obama chooses a VP with experience...maybe Biden. Guiliani almost HAS to pick Huckabee...maybe Brownback, but Huckabee makes the most sense. Obama gets the majority of the independent vote due to his charisma and lack of ties to the Iraq war, becoming the first black President. (Fun alternate universe consideration: Clinton gets the nomination. Snubs Obama...maybe picks Richardson as VP. Most viable Republican against Clinton is McCain...who takes Obama as his Vice President pick, knowing he won't lose any conservatives no matter who he picks, since they won't vote for Clinton. Obama adds a ton of charisma, likeability, hope, and independent votes to McCain, who wins the nomination. McCain dies in office of natural causes, Obama becomes first black President.)
  3. 7 - 7:15 Clinton starts with a small lead, though Romney quickly moves in. Indiana, Georgia, and Graham's South Carolina all lock on Romney. Kentucky leans Romney, while Vermont and Virginia lean Clinton. Romney - 34 Clinton - 0 7:15 - 7:30 Terrible news for the Clinton campaign...Kentucky locks on Romney, while Vermont and Virginia flip and begin leaning to Romney as well! Early reports from Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina all indicate a Romney win as well. Clinton is not currently projected to win a SINGLE state. Romney - 42 Clinton - 0 7:30 - 7:45 Brief relief with Ohio, West Virginia, and Georgia all briefly flipping to Clinton...but then they flip back. North Carolina locks...still no states leaning Clinton. Romney - 57 Clinton - 0 7:45 - 8 West Virginia continues to flop, but is currently on Romney. More states report...Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Florida, Alabama, and Missippi all lean Romney. But Clinton finally gets good news: Tennessee, Massachussettes, Connecticut, New Jersey, Deleware, and DC are all leaning Democrat. Romney - 57 Clinton - 0 8 - 8:30 Finally, cause for true celebration in the Clinton/Obama camp. Senator Clinton finally leads in locked states, taking Connecticut, Deleware, Massachussettes, New Jersey, DC, Illinois, and Florida. Alabama, Oklahoma, and Missouri lock on Romney. But Romney still leads in leaning states. Clinton - 88 Romney - 84 8:30 - 9 Romney reclaims the official lead when Arkansas locks on him. The mid-west begins reporting, indicating a strong Romney lead (though not enough to cinch the win). Romney - 90 Clinton - 88 9 - 9:30 New York and Rhode Island lock on Clinton...but Romney locks Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas, South Dakota, and New Hampshire. The official vote is still fairly close...but if Romney actually locks every reporting state currently leaning towards him, he will have 271 votes, enough for the win. Romney - 156 Clinton - 123 9:30 - 10 Kansas locks on Romney...but almost the entire unlocked Great Lakes region has a change of heart and begins leaning Clinton...making the potential votes MUCH closer. Romney - 162 Clinton - 123 10 - 10:30 Romney locks Utah and Nevada, but Clinton gets Iowa. Neither candidate is currently projecting enough votes for the win! Romney - 172 Clinton - 130 10:30 - 11 No states lock...but Pennsylvania, Maine, Minnesota, and Missippi begin flopping like crazy...briefly projecting a Clinton lead, before giving Romney a slight preference once again. Romney - 172 Clinton - 130 11 - 11:30 And Clinton takes the official lead! The Senator closes Hawaii, Washington, and California. Governor Romney gets Wisconsin and Idaho. It's still projected to be a nail biter...but Clinton is slightly preferred. Clinton - 200 Romney - 186 11:30 - 12 Oregon locks on Clinton...but Ohio and PA flop towads Romney, continuing to give him hope. Both the actual and predicted results remain nail biters. Clinton - 207 Romney - 186 12 - 12:30 The actual gap closes, with Romney finalizing Alaska, Vermont and Virginia. This election is almost certain to come down to the last state to close. 12:30 - 1 Fortune continues to shine towards Romney. He closes Ohio and West Virgnia, taking the closed lead...while Pennsylvania and Missippi begin flopping like crazy. If he can retain hold of both of them, the election will be his by a single electoral vote. Romney - 230 Clinton - 207 1-1:30 Michigan flops, predicting an ultimate win for Romney. The governor closes Maine and Pennsylvania, while Senator Clinton claims victory in Maryland, Missippi, and Tennessee. Romney - 255 Clinton - 234 1:30 - 2 Michigan is flopping twice a minute. It looks like the whole vote could come down to them. They're currently leaning Clinton by 0.9%, with 87% of the precincts closed. Romney - 255 Clinton - 234 2 - 2:03 In a period of just three minutes, Romney closes Arizona, while Clinton earns Colorado, Michigan...and Minnsotta. It's the victory in Minnesotta that convinces reporters to finally give her the win. At 3:03 AM, the final state, Montana, closes for Clinton. By 5 AM, none of the states had flipped...and Hilary Clinton was confimed as the next President of the United States, with Barack Obama as Vice President. She managed to hold Michigan with only 20 thousand votes...without it, she would have certainly lost. Clinton/Obama: 273 Evs, 49.2%. 57.9 Million Votes Romney/Graham: 265 EVs, 48.5%, 57.0 Million Votes
  4. Missippi - Thompson. March 15th - Guiliani concedes defeat and withdraws. Days later, Huckabee surrenders the religion card and endorses Romney. These two surrenders give Romney the final electoral votes he needs, becoming the Republican nominee. Clinton - 39.9% Romney - 34.7% Fast forward to August... Clinton is officially crowned the candidate in the Demcratic Convention. She makes a surprising move, ignoring Biden's obvious popularity...and names Barack Obama as her Vice President pick. Romney is also crowned, choosing South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. This is viewed by many as a brilliant move, as Graham covers Romney's inexperience in military matters...Senator Graham actually served in Iraq just this past August...plus his immigration record and his image as a centrist. Clinton/Obama - 44.8% Romney/Graham - 42.7% Both campagins are hit hard by major scandals in September, but Romney bounces back with regular guest appearances on O'Reilley, and wins the first Presidential Debate. October 1 Clinton/Obama - 44.5% Romney/Graham - 43.5% The Vice Presidential debate is a draw, but Clinton wins the next Presidential one. Romney wins the third debate despite another major scandal, and his sons begin hitting Florida hard. October 20th - 2 weeks to election Romney/Graham - 44.7%, 231 EVs Clinton/Obama - 44.4%, 201 EVs Complaints arise that Romney is being too negative, even though it's his campaign that suffers through another round of minor scandals. Paul Begala is campaigning for Clinton. October 27th - 1 week to election Clinton/Obama - 44.9%, 217 EVs Romney/Graham - 43.6%, 232 EVs Romney hits Louisiana and Maryland, while Clinton hides from a minor scandal in Iowa. Nov 3rd - 1 Day to Election Clinton/Obama - 44.7%, 186 EVs Romney/Graham - 44.4%, 245 EVs Arizona, Montana, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Maine are all expected to be wild cards...
  5. Louisiana : Clinton (51), Edwards (17). Thompson. Nebraska : Clinton (14), Biden (11), Obama (6). Romney. Washington: Clinton (51), Edwards (23), Biden (23). Paul. Maine: Clinton (25), Biden (9) Maryland: Clinton (74), Biden (25). Romney. Virginia: Clinton (78), Biden (25). Paul. DC: Clinton (28), Biden (9). Thompson. Realizing at this point that Clinton almost certainly has the nomination, and Biden's the obvious choice for VP, Obama and Edwards withdraw from the race on February 16th. On the Republican side, McCain makes a play for VP, endorsing Romney. Wisconsin: Clinton (78), Biden (14). Thompson. On February 23rd, seeing Clinton just 19 electoral votes shy of the nomination, Richardson withdraws. Hawaii gives all it's votes to Clinton (29)...making Hilary Clinton the democratic nominee. Biden withdraws the next day. Hawaii - Clinton. Thompson. (At this point, I'll stop recording Democrat votes, since Clinton's the only democrat. Ohio - Romney Rhode Island - Romney Texas - Thompson Vermont - Paul March EV Standings (1168 needed) Romney - 1129 Thompson - 429 Guiliani - 288 Paul - 165 Huckabee - 124
  6. Super Super Duper Tuesday (Feb 5thish) Maine, Republican Results: Paul Alabama: Clinton (39), Biden (21). Huckabee. Alaska: Clinton (7), Edwards (7), Biden (4) Romney. Arizona: Clinton (28), Biden (23), Obama (16) McCain Arkansas: Clinton (20), Obama (16), Biden (11). Huckabee. California: Clinton (287), Biden (154). Guiliani. Colorado: Biden (15), Edwards (11), Richardson (10), Clinton (7). Thompson. Connecticut: Clinton (46), Biden (15). Romney. Deleware: Clinton (15), Biden (8). Thompson. Georgia: Clinton (66), Edwards (24), Biden (14). Romney. Idaho: Clinton. Illinois: Clinton (139), Obama (46). Thompson. Massachussetts: Clinton. Romney. Minnesotta: Clinton (66), Biden (22). Guiliani. Missourri Clinton (66), Biden (22). Romney. Montana: Romney New Jersey: Clinton (95), Biden (32). Romney. New Mexico: Clinton (39), Richardson (9) New York: Clinton (182), Biden (98). Romney. North Carolina: Romney North Dakota: Clinton. Romney. Oklahoma: Clinton (31), Biden (16). Huckabee. Tennessee: Clinton (63), Biden (22). Romney. Utah: Clinton (22), Biden (7). Romney. West Virginia: Romney. Clinton wins almost every state, though Biden manages to take second place in almost all of them. The Republicans are VERY split, though Romney pulls a minor victory. EV Standings: Dems: (1919 needed) Clinton - 1410 Biden - 533 Obama - 97 Edwards - 63 Richardson - 32 Reps (1168 needed) Romney - 770 Guiliani - 214 Thompson - 164 Huckabee - 134 McCain - 53 Paul - 45
  7. Iowa Results : Biden (16), Richardson (13), Obama (8), Edwards (8). Romney (41). Pretty much the only Democrat NOT to get a few votes in Iowa was Clinton! Clinton and McCain both have significant scandals. New Hampshire Results: Biden (6), Clinton (6), Edwards (6), Obama (4). Romney (12) The only thing clear from the first two democrat votes is that no one can agree. Though Biden should be proud of two first-place wins! Meanwhile, Romney is doing strong, keeping Huckabee down so far. Speaking of, Huckabee and Romney debate to a draw. Jan 12 Nationwide: Clinton - 34.4 (up) Obama - 14.9 (down) Edwards - 9.8 (down) Biden - 3.9 (up) Richardson - 3.6 (same) Guiliani - 18.2 (up) Huckabee - 12.5 (same) McCain - 10.3 (up) Romney - 9.7 (down) Thompson 8.3 (down) Paul - 4.2 (up) Nevada Poll: Romney, Clinton Michigan Poll: Romney South Carolina Poll: Romney and Huckabee tie, Clinton Michigan Results: Fred Thompson (30) Nevada Results: Biden (11), Edwards (7) , Clinton (6). Romney (34) South Carolina Results, Republican: Paul (24) Fred Thompson and Ron Paul both pull amazing upsets, while Biden continues to dumbfound analysts, taking every state so far. South Carolina Results, Democrat: Clinton (22), Biden (16), Obama (7) Florida Results: Romney (57) Edwards bombs on Oprah, while Thompson knocks softballs out of the park on O'Reilley. Edwards recovers days later, winning the debate. Standings February 2nd: Clinton - 32.6 (down) Obama - 12.6 (down) Edwards - 9 (down) Biden - 10.4 (WAY up) Richardson - 3.6 (same) Guiliani - 15.1 (down) Romney - 14.4 (WAY up) Huckabee - 10.9 (down) McCain - 9.3 (down) Thompson 9.2 (up) Paul - 6.6 (up) Electoral Votes so far: Romney - 144 Thompson - 30 Paul - 24 Biden - 49 Clinton - 37 Edwards - 21 Obama - 19 Richardson - 13
  8. Hey all! Figured I'd report a full game with TheorySpark's Dec 1 2008 scenario...and then one with Jayavarman's when it comes out...and then we (let's face it...just me) can see which if any was more accurate when the results come out. Sound fun? No? Okay. As I said, I'm playing Theoryspark's Dec 1 2008 scenario right now...untweaked, except for one major thing: I've put in all the VP candidates I could think of for both parties. Also...I took out Tancredo, Hunter, Kucinich, and Hunter because I would bet a year's pay that neither of them have any effect on the election. I did leave in Paul because I think it's "possible" that he could at least have a minor effect, though he won't win the election. And I left in Richardson and Biden, mostly due to wishful thinking. I will only be watching the game as the libertarian...not actually doing anything but observing. And the game is on "medium"...though since I'm not actually playing, I don't know if that will effect anything. So, let's go! Dec 1 Nationwide: Clinton - 30.8 Obama - 16.5 Edwards - 10.2 Richardson - 3.6 Biden - 3.5 Guiliani - 20.6 McCain - 11.8 Romney - 10.6 Huckabee - 9.8 Thompson 9.3 Paul - 2.7 Huckabee surged, while Obama was hit by a pie. Oprah came to Obama's pastry defense, Clinton and Guiliani gaffed, and Ron Paul won a debate. Thompson apparently punched Guiliani...and then shot him in the face (Thompson hits Guiliani on the trail, Thompson blasts Guliani)...while Obama and Biden debated to a draw. End of December: Clinton - 33.2 (Up) Obama - 15.7 (Down) Edwards - 10 (Down) Richardson - 3.6 (Same) Biden - 3.4 (Same) Guiliani - 18 (Down) McCain - 10.5 (Down) Romney - 9.6 (Down) Huckabee - 12.5 (Up) Thompson 8.6 (Down) Paul - 3 (Up) Iowa poll: Huckabee & Romney tie, Obama/Edwards/Clinton three-way. New Hampshire poll: Romney, Clinton
  9. Hey guys! I've made a new 2008 scenario. Gameplay is the exact same as the newest 2008 Beta scenario, including the polling numbers. I have tweaked the candidates mildly towards my own biases...but I'm an independent who hasn't decided on a final candidate, so it shouldn't be too blaring. I also correct all the candidates' ages, and updated their fundraising totals. The biggest change is that I've added approximately 50 running mates between the two parties. Most of these are Senators, state Governors, a few retired Generals, etc...although I did add Stephen Colbert just for the fun of it. ;c) Naturally, I'd never even heard of most of these people before I started the project...I rated them based on the impression I got from their Wikipedia articles...so if you feel your State governor deserves a higher charisma rate, or that your senator deserves a lower debate skill or something, just tell me and I'll probably do it. Anyhow, for those of you that were getting tired of seeing Clinton-Bayh running against Romney-Pataki, this is the scenario for you. Just leave your e-mail here and I'll send it to you. By the way, it seems like hotmail considers these files too big to scan, so just make a yahoo account or such (like I did) if that's your normal e-mail. Thanks in advance for any feedback, etc!
  10. I've done a little more experimenting, and have found a way to recreate it consecutively. I downloaded the new version of the 2008 beta scenario a few days ago, and overwrote the old 2008beta. But when I played the game or viewed it in candidate editor, all of the candidates had my previous ratings and funds...and Presidential Candidates Clinton and McCain (plus VP candidate Clinton) were ranked all 1s and 0s. In other words, the file had not overwritten at all. So then I downloaded it again...but this time, named it 2008 Capa, so that it would not overwrite. When I opened up the file, Clinton (and only Clinton) was ranked all 1s and 0s, but all other candidates had the new numbers. Then I opened up the file again (while it was still open, and without saving). This time, Clinton was fixed, and there was no problems. I've since altered the "2008 Capa" file a few times (turned Brownback off, played with candidate ratings, added a ton of VP possibilities). Every time I open it, Clinton is all 1s and 0s...but as long as I reopen the file without saving, she returns to normal and everything else is fine. I can send you my file if you aren't able to recreate it following my directions: Download the new 2008 beta scenario, Rename it, Open the renamed scenario in canidate editor, Check Clinton (or maybe Guiliani)'s ratings as a candidate and VP, If it's screwed up, don't close the file...just open it again without saving. Should be fixed (though you have to do it EVERY time you want to tweak the file.) Actually...I just made another discovery. It's nothing to do with Clinton, McCain, Guiliani, or any of the other candidates specifically. The 1s and 0s problem occurs with whichever presidential and/or Vice presidential candidate you open FIRST. Mine is frequently Clinton, since she's at the top of the Democrats list, and the Democrats are listed above the Republicans. Other people are having issues with other candidates because they open that candidate's file first. Again, reopening the file without either closing or saving the first one is a temporary fix, until 80soft can find permanent one.
  11. Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I love the game...but I think I've found a bug. I was playing as Guiliani in the 2008 beta scenario, and discovered he was rated all 1s and 0s. I figured the programmers must've hated Guiliani, so I went into candidate editor, looked at how he was rated in the 2008 gold scenario, and then re-rated him, and saved it. But then I was reading in the 2008 gold topic on the forums...and saw somebody had the exact same problem with the 2008 gold scenario...Guiliani was rated all 1s and 0s. Even though he was rated just fine in my gold scenario, but not my beta one. Then, yesterday, I decided to update the 2008 beta scenario with up-to-date fundraising totals, since the FEC just released them. I went through and made the corrections, and then quickly simulated two games (as the libertarian) just to see how it affected the game. Then I decided I needed to tweak McCain a little more. So I went back into the candidate editor, opened 2008 beta...and discovered that McCain now had all 1s and 0s. As did Hilary Clinton. But Guiliani was fine. They were fine when I was changing their fundraising numbers, so it had just happened as I was simulating two games. So...as it's appearing multiple times, to multiple people, in multiple scenarios, to multiple candidates. I'm not a programmer...but my guess is there is something in the actual game code doing this, as opposed to a specific scenario? Let me know if you have any thoughts! I never rule out user error. ;c)
  12. Ha, sorry. Actually, I was using TheorySpark's 2008 beta scenario, and saw Guiliani was ranked a 1 across the board, plus a lot of ages are WAY off...though it may actually go as far back as the default 2008 scenario. My theory is there is a bug in the game itself (not a specific scenario) that may be randomly jacking up candidate settings.
  13. Yes, I'm using 1.1.0. I may have exaggerated about 400 evs, but certainly over 300 is the rule, not the exception. Incidentally, I've noticed Guiliani have all 1s as well...but not under your scenario. It was under the BASE scenario. So I used your stats and plugged them into the base game. So...maybe there's a flaw in the initial programming, resetting certain stats? Is anyone else noticing Hilary Clinton is 100 years old in the base game?
  14. I've run your newest scenario countless times, watching as Kubby (but not actually playing), and it ALWAYS goes like this: Romney wins the Republican nomination, hands down. Clinton looks set to take the democrat right up to the end, with Edwards and Obama still in the race, pretty much tied...and then Edwards endorses Obama, giving him the nomination, right before the primary. After the primaries, Romney always looks like he'll take well over 300 electoral votes...but then as election day approaches, a bunch of states turn white and it looks like it'll be close. Then on election day, Romney wins the election with at least 400 electoral votes. There was ONE exception, though. I didn't do anything different, but one time Edwards got the nomination...and then managed to split the electoral votes with Romney on election day, 269 to 269. Edwards became President because it's a Democrat congress. However... When I plug in your candidate numbers (money, Political points, charisma, etc) into the 2008 beta scenario...not the state percentages, just the candidates...it's ALWAYS Romney vs. EDWARDS, instead of Obama. And Romney still kills on election day. Of course...who knows? That may be how it actually goes in the coming months. In which case, you'll look like a genius! ;c)
  15. Ha, thanks. I tried doing it manually and it didn't work, but it never occured to me that I could delete him through candidate editor. Worked fine. BTW, I may have stumbled upon a bug. I was just simulating the election, "playing" as the libertarian but really just clicking through each turn to see the outcome instead of really playing. It got to election night...I can't remember, but it might've been Edwards vs. Romney. Anyhow, I turned on the option that gives a pop-up notice when each state gets called. It was a close race, but eventually, the election was called for Romney. So I then turned on the "fast forward" option, since the election had been called. But then around 1 AM gametime, I got another pop-up. "We are reversing our decision..." and then it showed Edwards with 270 electoral votes. Which I thought was AWESOME, since it was very similar to the Bush vs. Gore race in real life. But then as soon as I clicked okay, it popped up again with the same notice, although it left Edwards in the lead. I clicked okay, and it immediately happened again. This went on for probably 30 pop-ups. They finally ended, and I clicked off the "fast forward" option, and Romney was in the lead again. Only about five seconds "in game" time had passed, and no states had visibily changed their color. The game finally ended, with Romney in the lead. So Edwards only spent about 5 ingame seconds as the leader. To summarize, I got thirty pop-ups when Edwards took the lead after the election had been called for Romney. I was on fast-forward, with the pop-up notices on. No actual states changed color, and by the time the popups finally stopped, Romney was in the lead again. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  16. I've noticed a couple times now, where contestants (especially Romney) tend to choose Dick Cheney as their vice president. I'm assuming he isn't a real-life contender, right? Given his statement that "If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve", it seems he's not interested in continuing in the white house. And on the way off chance that he "did" want to continue as the vice president, I can't imagine anyone would think he'd be a great boost to their campaign. According to Wikipedia: Since 2001, when asked if he is interested in the Republican presidential nomination, Cheney has said he wishes to retire to private life after his term as Vice President expires. In 2004, he reaffirmed this position strongly on Fox News Sunday, saying, "I will say just as hard as I possibly know how to say... 'If nominated, I will not run,' 'If elected, I will not serve,' or not only no, but 'Hell no,' I've got my plans laid out. I'm going to serve this president for the next four years, and then I'm out of here." Is there a way to get rid of Cheney as a possible running mate? Thanks!
  17. Great job! Really adds to the game! A couple small things...it looks like "none" of the "new" candidates have crusaders, not just Thompson. I've been playing as the libertarians, independent, etc, just to see the outcomes, and saw they had no crusaders. I get an error when I use the townhouse, everytime. I can keep playing, I just get an error. It's never mentioned in my list of things that happened that week, so I'm not sure whether it's counting it as a rest day or the townhouse. I've had some "very" unlikely endorsements...President Bush has endorsed Hilary Clinton. Nancy Pelosi endorsed Guiliani. That sort of thing. And I know this has been mentioned already, but there are too many events. Maybe one or two a month would be a better formula? But overall, I'm enjoying it! Keep up the great work!
  18. Just wanted to give some "beta testing" results. For the first two games, I just watched as the Libertarian candidate, with all the actual 2008 candidates playing. Clinton won the democratic primary, chose Biden as her vice president. But the republican side was much more exciting, with Guiliani leading almost the entire primaries...and then Thompson suddenly came out swinging taking state after state, winning the primary by a wide margin. He chose Sanford as his VP. The rest of the game was pretty close, with states constantly swinging. When election night finally came, the winner wasn't called until 6 AM, when California finally locked on Thompson. The second game, I watched as the Libertarian again. This time, the democratic primary was more exciting, with Kucinich taking a ton of states at the beginning, and being almost tied with Clinton, who won the nomination and then took Kucinich as her vice. Ron Paul ended up with the republican nomination, choosing Romney as his vice (I think). This time, Clinton won the presidency. But my final game, where I played as McCain, was WAY more exciting...because going into the nomination, it was practically a four-way tie for republicans. Thomspon dropped out a week before the nomination and endorsed Romney, giving him a slight boost. But when the nomination came, there was still no clear majority. So Paul was dropped (due to having the fewest votes) and a revote was done for McCain and Romney, where Romney came out ahead. So I lost that game...but still VERY exciting! These were all on "hard" difficulty by the way. So I like that it's been so close! Great job!
  19. Okay, I've created a Yahoo account. Actinguy2@yahoo.com Thanks!
  20. Hi there! You've already e-mailed the new version to me (Actinguy@hotmail.com)...but when I try to download it, I get a pop-up saying my virus checker is unable to scan the attachment, as there are too many zipped files. Naturally, I trust you but I can't figure out how to download it without the virus check. Any thoughts? Thanks! -Ted
  21. This looks great! Can I get a copy? Thanks! Actinguy@hotmail.com
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