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  1. Action to the Sec of Interior, @swejie Adlai Stevenson. Will Stevenson send the statehood proposal to congress?
  2. @vcczar All additional states are the purview of the Sec of Interior at this stage in the game, not Sec of State like it is at the start of the game. just FYI.
  3. @vcczar 1881 President Cleveland has spent most of his presidency so far vetoing almost everything Congress tries to attempt, as unconstitutional federal overreach. This, though...maybe this would survive his red pen?
  4. Hey, he earned the name "Champ" for a reason.
  5. The court is now split 5-4 Democrats vs. Republicans, including the Dem Chief Justice.
  6. We seem to have 5 congressional houses out of six in play, so...unless we’re missing somebody...no need to steal it.
  7. Action to @vcczar to name a new Postmaster General (who will not get the pop/IP because they’re replacing a dead person), and also to give a statesmen a Supreme Court marker who does not already have one.
  8. @swejie Postmaster General Thomas Hendricks has died from licking expired, toxic stamps. Why he felt the need to dig the stamps out of the trash and lick them, we may never know.
  9. @swejie plays coalition building, getting +3 votes. He also rolls for Kern to get a house, success! Action to President @vcczar to name your cabinet.
  10. Welcome! I have a similar point of view. I'm rooting for Biden, but give Trump a handicap on the polls. I'm not comfortable calling a state Biden's unless I see an average of a 5% lead, after factoring in 3rd parties. Under that system, PA (4.6%), Nevada (4%) and Minnesota (4%) are all Trump's. That's 295 Trump - 243 Biden. Naturally, I hope I'm wrong. In fact, I've placed a monetary bet on Biden winning by a margin of 29-50 electoral votes. But my confidence in that bet falls every day.
  11. @swejie wins with a bid of 2 IP, which I have deducted. Action to him to play/discard a card, and take a bonus action if he so chooses.
  12. Kern rolls a 3. Wanna spend an extra IP to get the house? (And if so, who are you stealing the house from?) Lamar rolls a 1, as he trips over his robe on the way to the lectern. Want to spend 5 IP to help him catch his balance?
  13. Rolled a 2. Gets a free bonus to 3 -- wanna spend 3 IP for the popularity point?
  14. Action time! We open with the President. @vcczar you can attempt a speech (spend 1 IP and roll for possible popularity and/or try for a house (spend 1 IP and roll for a possible lifelong +3 votes)
  15. Fellas, we’ve got ourselves a “what if the good and honorable Grover Cleveland was actually just another corrupt bastard” timeline! Yee haw! @vcczar plays on the President.
  16. Cards being distributed in the following order: @vcczar 3 @Leuser 10 @swejie 14 @mlcorcoran 17
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