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  1. A quick google suggests it might have been this event in Columbus, Oct 2016. Officially 18,500 though the report I read said some thought it was only 10,000.
  2. Hillary drew big crowds despite being “unlikable.” You think Biden is less liked than Hillary?
  3. @vcczar President Cleveland appoints Henry G Davis as Postmaster General. The two new justices are in the philosophical mindset of @swejie Attorney General Kern and @swejie Secretary of the Interior Adlai Stevenson II.
  4. 1883 Man, what a difference a year makes. One minute, you’re surrounded by your closest friends. The next, they’re all moving away to retire in the gentler climate of Utah. Postmaster General Allen Thurman, former Sec of Treasury and VP Candidate William Wheeler, and Brooklyn Bridge scammer William English have all hopped a train west. @vcczar appoint a new Postmaster General and award a Supreme Court token to two statesmen who don’t have one. @swejie @vcczar @Leuser
  5. Alrighty. Assuming he was in favor of his own proposal that he spent IP on, that’s 38 aye to 33 nay. The monopolies are broken! President Cleveland gets 3 popularity. Attorney General @swejie Kern gets 2 IP. @Leuser gets 5 victory points for... voting nay during Opposite Day, I guess. Policy Change flips to true.
  6. Me? I was laughing at Admin270’s bias.
  7. When Trump does something counterintuitive like withdraw from “the” swing state, it’s 3D chess. When Biden does something counterintuitive like not have massive in-person rallies (during a global pandemic), he’s criminally negligent.
  8. My favorite Cleveland story: His campaign was based on him having exceptionally high self-integrity during a time when everybody was just insanely corrupt. But then his opponents discover that Cleveland, who had never married up to that point, had fathered a child out of wedlock. Ho ho! Not so full of yourself NOW, are you, Grover Cleveland? That would have been the end of anyone else’s career. But not Grover Cleveland. He just says “I have the integrity to admit that the allegations are true. My bad, ya’ll” And the Scandal just goes away.
  9. @swejie is aye. @Leuser, the vote is 24 aye, 22 nay. What say you?
  10. Mine is PA and NV. Theyre solid if you just look at Biden vs Trump. But when you add third parties, it shifts below my comfort zone.
  11. @vcczar has confirmed President Cleveland will begrudgingly take this on to help boost his re-election chances. He spends one IP. Vote to @mlcorcoran
  12. You think the foreign policy we’ve had for almost 80 years (post WWII) is making us “that much more unsafe”? I don’t know how old you are, but in my 37 years, I’ve NEVER had to fear for my life against foreign attack. Even on 9/11, when I was 18 years old, I watched with a mix of anger, horror, and sorrow — but I didn’t worry that it was going to keep happening. And...nineteen years later...that’s held up so far. Now, if you come from an era where you had to practice hiding under your desk for protection from a nuclear strike, then I get it. But failing that, this foreign policy has kept you pretty damned safe your entire life.
  13. One promotes the science, one laughs at it. That’s the difference, on the COVID front. Yep, Presidents aren’t going to be the scientists who cure the disease, or the soldiers who win the war, or the economists who pull us back from financial collapse, etc. But they do choose who to listen to, and what to do with that information. Biden listens to the experts. Trump listens to the sycophants.
  14. Montgomery County in Ohio could be interesting. Most of the population lives in the Democrat city of Dayton, but the number one employer is the military base, and a disproportionate number of the residents are Veterans who were stationed at the base, got out of the military, and stayed in the area. It went to Trump in 2016 -- but that was the first Republican to win the county since George HW Bush in 1988....despite the fact that Kasich (the anti-Trump Governor of Ohio at the time) had won the 2016 primary here. 2016 turnout for the general election was 70.3% of registered voters. Also: I live here. ;c)
  15. With great Utah power comes great Utah responsibilities. The number of Congressional Houses in play has increased to 7.
  16. Whoops - game creator flagged that it's 3 bonus points for Utah, not 5. Sorry, @swejie -- easy come, easy go.
  17. I've updated the election tracker to reflect the fact Republicans currently have more representation in Congress. Nonetheless, President Cleveland currently projects to win re-election in a couple years, as Republicans only project to get four of the six necessary keys.
  18. @vcczar ISSUE TWO 1882 The people elected you because they (foolishly, apparently) thought you were a good man beyond the reaches of graft and corruption. Ah, but now you must find ways to keep up the facade. What will you do? (for purpose of this card, “Democratic Party leader” is @swejie Attorney General John Kern)
  19. When @swejie told me his childhood dream was to see Utah become a state, I said "But Swejie, it's 2018. Utah has been a state for a really long time. I don't understand..." But now it's all so clear. @swejie gets 5 Victory Points for achieving Utah statehood.
  20. 1881: Imagine this map, but with Utah colored in (I'm feeling lazy tonight). A solid line of states from sea to shining sea!
  21. Alrighty. The Utes have their state. President Cleveland and Secretary Stevenson get 1 popularity each. I've also deducted Stevenson's 1 IP.
  22. I'm 60% Biden wins the electoral vote -- but about 80% sure Trump wins the bullshit he'll pull after the election.
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