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  1. The death of Secretary Sumner gives @Leuser one point. Hop in, @Leuser, we’re going winning!
  2. In the end, the Washington Flu of 1874's death toll tallied only in the hundreds, and likely would have been hardly remembered even by 1875 -- if the few that it killed had not been so noteworthy. Moving quickly through the government's elite, the strain claimed one Senator, a US Secretary of The Treasury, and no fewer than three members of the Supreme Court, including Chief Justice Samuel Chase. And thus it was that President Ulysses S. Grant found himself second only to President George Washington for most Supreme Court nominees, just six years into his Presidency, bringing his total numbe
  3. @mlcorcoran wouldn’t you know it, another Supreme Court death! (Tied to General Sherman.). Action to you to nominate another one!
  4. It’s the Secretary of War John Sherman who has to break the news about his own brother. ”General Sherman is dead, sir. It appears to have been friendly fire, as Custer’s men made a move to take the gold for themselves and my brother tried to stop him. Custer was caught and hung by my brother’s men, and the gold is secured — though that’s a small comfort.” General William T Sherman is dead. President Grant and the late General take -1 popularity each for this Custer Fuck. Sherman’s death gives @mlcorcoran -1 victory point. Congratulations, everyone else: you’re winning! ;c)
  5. (Note that we ignore the skull on this and all future issues — deaths are now handled exclusively by the stand alone “hand of time” cards like the one that killed Adams.)
  6. Done. ISSUE ONE 1873 With his re-election easily secured thanks to the swarm of new black voters, President Grant looks forward to a quiet Presidency, where he can check out at 3 PM to take a drive around town, play billiards, or maybe even take in a game of America’s new favorite pastime — baseball. After all, the real power in the US rests with Congress, which rose to prominence when they impeached President Johnson for overreach and have no intention of yielding control of the nation now. Grant got his Supreme Court nominee confirmed easily enough, but he kne
  7. No. We wouldn't. I've taken much worse than you have here, and it never even occurred to me to try to have the other person banned. I'll debate them, or I'll roll my eyes at them, or I'll ignore them and sometimes block them. Sometimes, when they catch me in the wrong mood, I'll be rude in response to them. But I never report them. Because I am an adult.
  8. I agree that you are not engaging in intelligent thought. That’s fine, plenty of people do that here, maybe myself included at times. But we don’t run to mommy when we get called out on it.
  9. I did no such thing — I actually defended you, publicly, last time. But you’re constantly running to admin to report people for not liking you. It makes me regret coming to your defense in the past.
  10. Vcczar adds much more to this forum than PoliticalPundit does. This level of “running to the teacher to tattle” is unprecedented in my time here. I’ll be blocking PoliticalPundit moving forward.
  11. Look -- I don't deny that Trump can win the election. I've said that all along. But you're not engaging in any kind of logic here.
  12. Yeah...I'm still not understanding why this matters at all. 2020 Trump got 19,000 Republican votes in the unchallenged primary, compared to 2012 Obama getting 7,000 Democrat votes in the unchallenged primary. Is the theory here that Trump is going to win Rhode Island in the general election? Because...he's not.
  13. How was it the highest ever? Some elections have had no intraparty competition at all, and some states this year literally didn't even have a Republican primary.
  14. @mlcorcoran The late Charles F Adams had a Supreme Court marker, which means the unnamed Supreme Court Justice who was aligned with Adams’ beliefs must now be replaced. Action to you as President Grant considers who to nominate to the Supreme Court. You May choose anyone who does not currently have a SC marker on the faction tab, regardless of any job titles they may have. That person will not literally become a Supreme Court Justice — the new justice will simply be aligned with that politician’s views, giving that player a +1 vote on the Supreme Court and tying the new Su
  15. 1873 The first card we pull is one of our new Hand of Time cards. These cards act just like the skull icon used to. We roll a die. 1-3 the oldest living statesman dies. 4-5, second oldest. 6, third oldest. Though drawn during the issue phase, these cards do not count as one of the President’s four issues. @Leuser Charles F Adams, son of President John Q Adams, grandson of President John Adams, and diplomat who kept Britain out of civil war, is no more. The Adams political dynasty has fizzled out.
  16. Sure, but the opponent was Hillary Clinton — who had been portrayed as the Big Bad Witch to Republicans for DECADES. Joe Biden has no such baggage. The biggest strike against him (other than age, which Trump has too) is that he’s too good at finding ways to actually work with Republicans. Which, it you’re a Republican, is kind of exactly what you wanted, isn’t it?
  17. ...you know Biden wasn’t on the ballot in 2016, right? I mean...this is a thing that you know?
  18. A little too bipartisan, actually. He can only have one Democrat. Mlc is fixing.
  19. Sorry, we’re full right now, but feel free to stick around, watch to get the gist, and ask any questions. I’m sure eventually there will be a game 5 and a game 6 and a game 50, and I may eventually be looking for new players to replace anyone who gets burned out. In the meantime, this is based off the board game Founding Fathers by Rick Heli, if you google that you’ll get a link to the store and videos about the game, etc. (be sure to include Rick Heli in the search term — there’s two games called Founding Fathers, but we don’t play the one about the constitutional congress. We p
  20. Ok guys, I think we’re ready to start. Maybe. Kind of. Sort of. Tentatively ready. Action to @mlcorcoran President Ulysses S Grant, to appoint his cabinet as he begins his second term In the year of our lord, 1873.
  21. And finally, making a special trip across the Mason-Dixon to team up with their friends the Bourbons, we have @swejie’s thunder from down under, the Southern Democrats! Featuring former President Andrew Johnson.
  22. Across the aisle, we have @vcczar’s Northeastern Bourbon Democrats (which does indeed turn out to be their faction name) — led by Democrat party leader Samuel Tilden, who is seen to be the likely Democrat nominee after Grant’s second term is up.
  23. His Republican partner, @Leuser, controls the progressive wing of the party, including Vice President Wilson, Chief Justice Chase, and Charles F Adams — the son and grandson of two one-term Presidents.
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