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  1. I was speaking as someone who used to frequently be on Twitter (I've since deleted my account). You have to know someone exists in order to follow them. Which means you have to enter Twitter already knowing about that person (and thus, they are likely a celebrity) or they have to be retweeted by someone you already knew to follow. The most influential people on Twitter are naturally mostly going to be from the pool of the most influential in real life as well.
  2. This isn't effective at all, because nobody believes it who wasn't already voting for Trump. Biden isn't perfect. He wasn't my first choice or my second. But corrupt? That's a bunch of malarkey. He was literally the poorest Senator when he was running for Vice President. Also, if you prefer people who aren't corrupt, I have some really SHOCKING news to share with you about the President of the United States. But, seriously. THIS is the real Joe Biden. Can you imagine Donald Trump being moved to tears about...anything? Caring about ANYTHING that
  3. Ok, but one of those is the Republican President of the United States. Many of the others are actors and/or comedians, who tend to be Democrat. Twitter is just a bigger microphone for the people who tended to have microphones anyway.
  4. @vcczar @swejie @Leuser I've sent you all a link to the sheet. Work in progress, but you can see your characters at least. Let me know if you don't get it. I hope to be ready to start the game in earnest around noon tomorrow, after I make a few more finishing touches on the sheet.
  5. Sorry for the delay, guys, Mike and I are making some last minute edits to the excel sheets and making sure everything works perfectly before we start.
  6. Why is his mouth so freakishly close to the microphone? I was a radio DJ for four years, I never had to move the microphone to keep it from smacking into my nose like he does.
  7. As a Democrat, I completely agree. I've always said that the one good thing about Trump is that he is stunningly incompetent -- most of his evil plans fall apart through his own ineptitude. Better an incompetent evil than a competent one. But obviously that's not how the Republicans will see it.
  8. Of course, but that applies to half the Republican party. Pence's bonus points with the MAGA crowd are what make him unbeatable in the Republican primary.
  9. My money is definitely on Pence to be the nominee in 2024 if Trump wins. Pence, more than any other politician I am aware of, is extremely skilled at making the Trump Presidency sound normal (winning Trump supporters) while also being much more preferable to the Never Trump Republicans. If Trump loses though, I'm not sure Pence runs -- by 2024, the fight between the two parties will have moved past Trump's influence and legacy.
  10. In four years, he’s going to be 4 years older.
  11. Mine is Buttigieg/Booker, I think. Buttigieg at the top for sure, VP I’m more open about.
  12. Caveat to 2024: I don’t know anything about Baker or Newsome other than their job titles. I think I’ve heard that Baker is anti-Trump, which is good. But at this point, I would default to Newsome unless he said/did something appalling that made me take a serious look at Baker instead. I do appreciate that Romney has positioned himself as the anti-Trump lately, but I also remember that he was against all the Republican things that I like and for all the Republican things that I hate pre-Trump.
  13. Obama's half-brother got deported either right before inauguration or right after. Nobody cared. Siblings are irrelevant. Then-Speaker Paul Ryan did the same in 2016. Trump retaliated by saying don't elect Paul Ryan. They both won anyway, of course.
  14. By more Trump supporters voting in those states than answered the polls. It’s not at all impossible.
  15. Probably none? If people voted early, they presumably did so because they had already made up their minds. Trump could give the greatest debate in world history, but it would not erase his performance as President of the United States for the past four years.
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