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  1. Half Life and Elder Scrolls were almost 20 years ago for me. But I’ve been playing Paradox games nonstop that whole time.
  2. @Leuser @swejie @vcczar @mlcorcoran Time to make your secret bids for an extra card and chance to take another action. I’ll give everyone until 6 pm, unless someone tells me they need more time.
  3. Schurz rolls a 3. Want to spend 1 IP? (Thanks for flagging about the number of houses. There’s plenty to go around right now. I’ll fix) Garfield rolls a 6!
  4. Both rolled a 1, not enough IP to buy the wins @Leuser
  5. Conkling rolls a 4. Success! McKinley rolls a 2. Want to spend 4 IP?
  6. Players expend Influence Points from their faction supplies and/or their Statesmen, but Influence on a Statesman may never be spent on behalf of another Statesman. Players can perform each option only once per turn: a. Make a Speech - spend 1 influence for your statesman to make a speech and roll a die. If roll + any additional influence you spend = 6, get a popularity point. B. Whip up support. Designate a statesman, spend 1 influence, and roll a die. If roll + any extra influence you spend = 4+, get a house. A house is a permanent +3 votes to that statesman for the rest of the
  7. The newly formed Cincinnati Union has officially endorsed @mlcorcoran Mark Hanna as a true patriot, loyalist, and man about town.
  8. @Leuser plays coalition building, getting 3 more votes until the next election.
  9. You guys are not going to BELIEVE how @swejie attorney John Kern spent his summer vacation!
  10. @vcczar plays Coalition Building, granting himself +3 votes until the next Presidential election.
  11. 270towin, polling average of states with third party polling. They use the most recent 5 polls in each state. With multiple polls coming out per state per day, things change rapidly. Hopefully this map will be outdated by tomorrow. But for now: not loving it.
  12. My philosophy all along has been that Biden will lose any state that he's not polling an average of at least +5% in. Previously, this was still projected to give Biden the win. But using that same rule with the latest batch of polls that came out today -- I have to move Nevada and PA to Trump. Fuck.
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