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  1. Will the update affect the other scenarios at all, because I was thinking of modifying the other elections a little but see no point if the updates will just cancel out the changes.
  2. I played a runthrough of the game today and was amazed by how much work needs to be done... 1) Many of the candidates aren't even the ones who are running, i.e. Desmond McGrath is listed as the NDP candidate for Random-Burin-St. Georges, Rebecca Blaikie is listed as the NDP candidate for LaSalle-Emard, Thierry Larrivee was listed as the Bloc candidate for LaSalle-Emard. It would have made sense to put "Unknown" in ridings where the candidate hadn't been nominated yet, but why leave a name of a person that isn't running? 2) I played as the Bloc and watched as, within 3 weeks, the NDP rose to 80 seats. 3)Without any effort at all, the Bloc rose to 69 seats within 2 weeks and ended the election with 67 seats. 4) The ridings in BC have already been mentioned. I hope these issues will be looked after.
  3. When will the first update be released? And will it include the proper riding names for the ridings that changed their name between 2004 and 2006?
  4. I noticed that many of the ridings don't have the new names. I haven't really looked too far beyond BC, but, for instance... The game still has: - Dewdney-Alouette which is called Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission now - Southern Interior which is called British Columbia Southern Interior now - Kamloops-Thompson which is called Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo now - Kelowna which is now called Kelowna-Lake Country now Matter of fact, I don't think any of the new riding names in BC are there.
  5. For a more realistic game experience, I wish this game's release would have been delayed until all the candidates has been nominated. When do all the candidates have to be nominated by?
  6. Does anybody have time-appropriate pictures of the other leaders? Like Chretien in 1993? Alexa in 1997? Etc...
  7. I may have to kiss you, Anthony. Got a question, though... Not all of the candidates have been nominated yet for the '06 election. Are you just going to put in the ones that are there and let us add them as they get nominated?
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