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  1. It'd be in the US, and I'm having troubles with the parties and the percentage, it's saying Tonks is winning every state except a few which are the squib's, so I'm working on that.
  2. I have two computers (one's really old) and the old one doesn't have internet so I downloaded the game and when I wanted to put the game on the other computer, I burned the setup application (not the game but the thing you download) and the extra little scenarios on the disc and put them on the new computer, so you could try that.
  3. I thought of creating a P4E game based of Harry Potter, where you have Fudge for re-election, Dumbledore, Tonks (because she's just... cool), and a Squib Party. Is anyone interested?
  4. the smigin of Dutch in me is saying "YES!", and the other parts in me are saying "YES!". Anyways, it looks really cool, can't wait to see it
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