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  1. BTW, the riding of "Wetaskiwin, Alberta" is unnamed in the game (the riding name in the xml file is an empty string).
  2. It only does that when you end a turn with the 2PP view on, by the way.
  3. 1. Scott Buchholz (MP for Wright) is actually sitting as a Liberal (I originally thought he was sitting as a National, but this says Liberal) 2. Neil Zabel, Candidate from Blair, QLD: should he be listed as a Liberal as opposed to National (in 2007 the MP who lost was of the Liberal Party)? 3. I still think that Flynn, QLD should be in the regional political unit of Queensland (instead of S.E. Queensland) as it's boundaries are clearly outside of S.E. Queensland (see this map)
  4. KS Senate election: DEM Candidate should be Lisa Johnston (not Charles Schollenberger)
  5. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't President Forever 2008 released in late 2006? In other words, this release would be later (in terms of the length between the release and the election), so I don't see the point of this being early. However, the difference between now and 2006 was that there wasn't really another game being worked on in 2006 (except for PMF Canada 2006) like there is now. With that said, I don't see the problem of TheorySpark working on P4E 2012 this early. Remember, they said the full release could be as late as March 2011. In other words, they are probably not 100
  6. A semi-major thing: Here is a snippet of the political_units.xml file for the 2010 scenario: <political_unit id="reid"> <population>149500</population> <eligible_voters>95873</eligible_voters> <type>fundamental</type> <layer>district</layer> <name>Lowe</name> <abbreviation>Lowe</abbreviation> <cities> </cities> <election_events>
  7. In the game, there are 12. In real life, there were more. The way the game is currently setup, each seat can only have 1 independent. I do agree that there should be more in the game.
  8. A few more things: 1. When the game loads, the following message appears: Your committee, the Gillard, has $35,000,000 to begin with. Should that be changed to: The Labor Party has $35,000,000 to begin with.? 2. On the Party information screen (pre-game load), the leader's name says "Julia Gillard (Gillard)". Could the "(Gillard)" be dropped? 3. Is there a way to switch leaders (ie. Switch Gillard with Rudd)? 4. Dawson, QLD candidate George Christenson is going to sit as a National MP. 5. The Electorates of Barton, Indi, and Batman are spelled barton, indi, and batman in the game (they ne
  9. That wouldn't work, because there are other independent candidates (12 total to be exact). I guess you could do split them into Independent-Right and Independent-Left, but you can't do 1 IND per party. Well, for that to work, they would need to implement Coalitions, so it can accurately count the seats. (I agree that they need to add that, along with 2PP) A few more items: 1. The first recap screen say (for example) P.M. Julia Gillard, Chair of the Gillard, welcome to the election. Could "Chair of the Gillard" be changed to "Leader of the Labor Party"? 2. The Strategy screen header says
  10. 1. The debate is set to 8/24 (which is after the election). 2. Gillard's starting location is set to S.E. Queensland (she's from Lalor, Melbourne) 3. Truss's starting location is set to NSW (he's from Wide Bay, S.E. Queensland) 4. Bonner, QLD candidate Ross Vasta is going to sit as a Liberal MP* 5. Wright, QLD candidate Scott Buchholz is going to sit as a National MP* 6. Flynn, QLD candidate Ken O'Dowd is going to sit as a National MP* 7. Leichhardt, QLD candidate Warren Entsch is going to sit as a Liberal MP* 8. In my opinion, Flynn, QLD should be in the regional political unit of Que
  11. Also, if a party has 2 or more leaders specified, there is no way to switch leaders.
  12. The one thing I don't like is that the leader can only barnstorm in one electorate per day (in PMF UK2010, the limit was 3) -- if you can do 3 or more, please let me know how.
  13. ktitus

    Avalonia 2010

    when it's finished, could I have it? my email address is kevin.titus@me.com
  14. can i have it? kevin.titus@me.com
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