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  1. You can't right now... although many have been asking for this feature. PLEASE PUT IT IN TO THE GAME!!!
  2. i wish i read this board before I bought the add-on... I'm waiting for this option the most, please make this functional... please!!!
  3. Changing General Election from FPP to PR does not work... will something like this ever be available? PLEASE?!?
  4. I think my request got lost in the bunch: please send anything
  5. looks interesting. can't wait to throw my money at it
  6. UMP


    send me all three then: raruggedman@yahoo.com thanks
  7. How can I change the number of HN seats available in my election ? I want to minimize primary election seats and maximize the HN seats, although I'm stuck at around 40-43 HN seats to my 16 provinces (with 1 elector each)... Adjusting population doesn't work since it just takes the HN seats from the other provinces. Any ideas ???
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