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  1. I like the idea of getting overseas, miltary, & absentee voting in the game as it makes sense to make realistic as possible. Put these "extra" votes in () on a seperate screen following election night. (If nesscary) Say 3 days later, count them up & (extra votes) in that state's borders & have the full vote total in a tight close election or close in a partitular state, say Florida, Ohio, or Iowa for example. Making every vote COUNT is key!
  2. mguy77


    In Elections, there is the possible & the probable. Who among us thought that the 2000 election would go to the Supreme Court beforehand; the answer: no one. Options & Ideas to make this game better as a whole is a definate plus for all players to enjoy & share in those new ideas or exciting opitions that we have yet to even imagine. Nothing in this election (or future ones for that matter) is 100% certain; for we are to have expectations as voters certain of elections: uncertainity in tomorrow all the way up to Election Day. That is the whole buck on the issue as I see it anyway. Matthew
  3. mguy77


    Taft, I really appreciate your ideas on corruption & I would just add that if major corruption is found that the candidate & VP candidate should concede the race to the non-corruption team of running mates in the race for president. Matthew
  4. mguy77


    I total agree with you Taft. Recounts should be a and added option. But you sould have some extra money (say half-million for a small state(3-7 EV); 1 million for regular state (8-19 EV) & 1.5 million to 2 million in a super sized state (20+ EV) saved after electon night to help you through the recount process or have your lawyers have a legal defense fund for recounts.
  5. mguy77


    I second that & add a bitmap pic of him too in the scenario.
  6. Since 1960, there has been death of JFK death of RFK 1 attempt on George C. Wallace puting him in a wheelchair 2 attempts on Ford 1 on Reagan 1 attempt on Bush Sr. from Iraq while in Kuwait as a former Pres. 2 attempts on Clinton, the plane in the White House & shooting w/ a semi-automatic rifle fired 29 shots as he ran down Pennsylvania Avenue & last but not 9/11 attacks under W's watch as Pres. that scared NY & DC crazy. that is 10 attempts in 44 yrs so I feel a 5 % attempt of Pres. assassination (or natural death while in Oval Office) is well justified. That is the whole dollar on the subject in my POV.
  7. I believe it should be toggle on/off for the feature. Also, big office breakins like Watergate would also be a nice touch as well w/ the same 5 precent chance of it happening to you & as for you authoritizing a break-in would be sweet but it carries the risk of being caught, major scandal & maybe being having your candidate being dropped from the ticket by the party if the pressure gets too hot for you & being replaced by your VP candidate to finsh the race. As for the Sorpanos, it would be a nice scenario to add the game w/ the Assassination(s) or attempts on the high end, maybe candidates from NY or NJ running for pres. & VP that have mob ties. Just a thought.
  8. I know what is topic doing here. Well in the age of terrorists, bombs, & well planned out threats assassination atempts & Pres. candidates death is a slight risk in life & should be placed in the game. With the death of Lincoln, JFK, RFK, & Pres. atempts on Ford, Reagan, & George C. Wallace provides proof that this issue needs to be dealt with. Add a 5% risk for assassination attempts/assassination in the game. With the surviving VP candidate picking a replacement for his VP & that person elevated to Pres. candidate status with the party's blessing. Please add your comments & input on this issue.
  9. Add the ability for Major Parties to take on the causes of the Ind. Party & other 3rd parties in secret talks & drop out of the race & back that candidate. Thus, causing changes in that party's platform to capture more votes. Also, add a scene with the candidates shaking hands w/ mega news blitz for that candidate as the other candidate can be a crusader for that candidate on his/her behalf. That's all for now. Matthew
  10. I have a few more ideas for P4E Candidate tracker: How many times has a candidate visited a partitular state over the course of the game Losing Candidate Page: How bad did your candidate lose in comparison to other games played. Now we see how well the winners do, but not the other way around. It would be located after the election night coverage instead of the winning candidate page in its place. and lastly, RNC Funds & DNC Funds & Ind. Funds as a secondary source of funds for the candidate to use. A small amount from 10 Million to say 25 Million. With Conditions, if the candidate gets too far liberal or too conservative for their party's liking, Funds w/in the party becomes harder to get. Making the candidate walk a tight rope, dont alienate the base while capturing that important undecided voter's vote. That is my ideas for now. Check back later for maybe one or two more from my mind to enrich the game a bit more. Peace, Matthew
  11. I would do my best in research to make the game as realistic as possible. I really appreciate Creigl's suggestions & if they can be implemented easily & are as realistic as possible remaining w/ the spirit of the game, it should be done. I look forward to more people's imput on this & Tony's as well to see where we stand on getting this done.
  12. Edited my post & noted for future reference, thanks.
  13. I am guessing this game wants accuracy in all it stands by & supports. So even though Nader is a 3rd Party Candidate, I was hoping P4Ever could add Peter Camejo & remove LaDuke or add LaDuke as a Second opition for Nader's Ind. ticket in 2004 in the next update if possible. Thanks!
  14. Well being a resident of Alabama, I strongly endorse the Wallace 4 President timeline. It is very interesting to see how that plays out. I look forward to the fruits of your labor. ROLL TIDE USA!!!
  15. Thanks danieldlmn, on the vote of confidence for the slogan. But even in a democracy it helps the process to have more imput from others for their ideas to make this game better for all its players, not just myself. So please share your ideas for a slogan for the game if you have one. P.S. I like the batman avatar, I am a DC Comics fan.
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