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  1. Gilles Duceppe was the first elected. He was elected as an Independent in 1990.
  2. I would just paste the blurb in a separate document and update it last.
  3. All the best Tony! We'll miss you!
  4. I love this game as well. 80soft's games are the only games on my computer. I love making scenarios because when you research the historical elections/data you learn alot about politics. I love 80soft!
  5. Does the primary_secondary_conversion_ file rate where voters are leaning or their chance they will switch parties?
  6. Thanks Anthony. I thought I would ask the questions on the board because others may be wondering the same thing. One problem I found with Britsh PM Forever was that evn if you have a majority, you still have to form a coalition if you are coupled with another party in the party relations file.
  7. I am updating some scenarios and want to make sure that I understand how all the new features work. Could someone please explain to me 1) how the PAC advertising works 2) how the allow coalition offers works (what are the variables for this in the scenario.p4e file and how are coalitions accepted or rejected. and 3) how the regional offsets for initial constitu ency percentages works? Thanks!
  8. Bye Habs. All the best my friend! You will be missed.
  9. Wow! These scenarios look awesome! Please send all of them to me. I can't wait to play them! d_@yahoo.com
  10. Throw Kitty Kelly, Michael Moore and Al Sharpton in there along with Zell Miller!
  11. Add Jesse Ventura to run as an Independent! I have a feeling Donald Trump might run for the presidency.
  12. Yeah I've went jogging through Grant Notley Park. I don't think that the NDP will be able to top their 1986 and 1989 totals of 16 seats. The Liberals will have to collapse and the Greens will have to disappear. The NDP will also need a charismatic leader in the Notley mold. David Eggen might be a good bet but he lacks the experience. Any thoughts Tony? Who do you think would make a great NDP Alberta leader?
  13. I would love online play but with this method it would take too long and different events and scandals happedn in different games.
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