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  1. This is a great 2007 election site! www.canadavotes2007.com
  2. For sure. Any news on candidates that aren't running or are currently nominated?
  3. I am working on an updated 2007 scenario. Please let me know of any candidate changes or ideas.
  4. John Kerry announced that he will not be seeking the Democratic nomination.
  5. I think the real deciding factor about whther American troops stay or leave is the American people. Looking at the 2006 races the candidates who opposed the war or deescalating the conflict did quite well. I don't think either extremes - immediate complete withdrawl or huge escalation will fare that well in the polls against a candidate that takes a more middle-of-the-road approach and articulates a real cohesive strategy for the war. So far, of the only announced 2008 candidates John McCain has come out most strongly in favour of the Bush administration's plan for Iraq. Its tough to say which side will prevail on this issue.
  6. Hi everyone, I plan to do some preliminary research on a new United North America - 2008 scenario. I hope to do both a United Canada-US scenario and one that includes Mexico and Central America. I was hoping to discuss issues, parites and potential candidates for each party in this thread. Each Party will have an exciting primary! Party ideas: Conservative Liberal Socialist Progressive Libertarian Constiturion Confederate Independent Please share your thoughts and ideas.
  7. Romney is clearly positioning himself for a run at the Republican nomination. Some of the states that strongly opposed same-sex marriage still voted Democratic in 2004 and 2006 but I think it does motivate voter especially social conservatives to get to the polls.
  8. North-You are a Northerner-a free marketeer-which means that you advocate a diminished role for the government in the economic realm. You are more or less pleased with the government's role in the personal realm.
  9. The environment will be the top issue. Much like free trade was in 1988.
  10. I am working on a Liberal 2006 race for Prime Minister Forever. It should be out in a week or so.
  11. I noticed that all the candidates ages were 50. This could also be changed in the next update.
  12. Wow. Thats a painful loss! I am sure you are wishing that you visited NJ in the last day of the campaign!
  13. I agree. The 1968 Democratic primary and 1976 Republican primary were real battles. 1968 would be great simply for the intangibles - Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace, Scoop Jackson and Joe McCarthy.
  14. The 1998 Governors race would be great. I think Kerry Edwards was working on it.
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