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  1. Brownback stances should be changed a bit. Iraq: Center-right Outsourcing: Right (he's ultra-pro free trade)
  2. It should be Kubby Vs. Stanhope, primarily. Kubby should be in the lead, though.
  3. Once again, fix Allens integrity, move Hiliary's health care stance to Left, Giuliani's labor union stance to center (he has been endorsed by labor unions various times during his various campaigns), change the War on Terror far-left stance to the official 80soft one, and change Biden's stance on the Iraq war to center. After doing this, you should fix the stem cell research issue stances. And when you do this, be sure to change Badnarik's stance on stem cell research to Right. <issue id="stem_cell"> <name>Stem Cell</name> <type>PositionIssue</type
  4. The thing is, third party candidates almost always get 1 - 3% in the elections I've seen. Maybe 1% is fine, but 3%? Challengers in the third party primaries would help things quite a bit I'd imagine.
  5. Hillary's stance on health care should be to the Left. (Instead of far-left)
  6. Gravel won't win. McCain has a good public image (which is IMHO dying) and is a Senator. Seriously, can you imagine Ross Perot campaigning again in 2008?
  7. Perot's an old man (78 in 2008) now. And it's very unlikely he'd run again anyway. Nader would be 74. Cobb might run for the Green nomination, but meh. Buchanan, despite getting all sorts of endorsements and etc in 2000, still didn't do well. That'd pretty much ruin any determination to run again I'd assume.
  8. 80soft is working on them. They will have primaries too.
  9. Allen's integrity, change it from 4 to 2 if it isn't already.
  10. I noticed that in a game with Richardson/Ford Jr. (I made Richardson myself in editor) vs. Romney/Gilmore, neither got 270 ev's, and Romney won VIA a Republican Congress. Might want to make Congress more Democratic-leaning if possible. Edit:<percent_to_qualify>15</percent_to_qualify> IMHO that's a bit too high. You should lower it to 8 (It's in scenarios, it's how much % nationally a candidate need to enter thee debates)
  11. http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=4470480 Check out PA. Gore lost it by 1539 votes. Of course, he won the general election, but not the popular vote...
  12. How about, when third party candidates don't win ev's (not like they're supposed too, obviously), the ones with the largest amounts of votes are shown as the main 4 below on election night. For example, the custom 2008 scenario with Michael Bloomberg as an independent, Bloomberg didn't win ev's, but he got 8% nationally, ahead of Badnarik and Peroutka (2% and 3%), but Peroutka and Badnarik were shown as the main 4 candidates on the bottom. (Frist, Obama, Badnarik, Peroutka. Bloomberg wasn't on there, only at the side) Minor thing, of course, but still.
  13. Far-left We need a completely public campaign financing system! left We need large government reforms to limit lobbyist and corruption. center-left Significant campaign finance reform needed to effectively govern. Center Some reform may be needed. center-right The government is fine as it is. right More term limits. far-right Remove financial regulations, corruption is not a problem. Far-left We need to erect large tariff barriers to protect all our industries, pull out of free trade agreements. left We need to strengthen labor and environment laws to help protect American wor
  14. Affirmative Action is pretty much fine as it is IMHO. Anyway, for crime: Far-left Reduce penalties and laws. Rehabilitation is the way to go. left We need more police officers and prevention funding, but focus on rehabilitation. center-left Increase police funding and increase the amount of police officers. center We need more police officers. Center-right We need more police officers and stricter prison sentences to help prevent crime. Right We need stricter prison sentences to help prevent crime, look into giving police more powers. far-right We need much stricter penalties to
  15. Besides the initial primary candidates, how about Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson, Gephardt, and Mario Cuomo? "Many well-known Democrats, including House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt of Missouri and Governor Mario Cuomo of New York, considered the race unwinnable and did not run for the nomination." - Wikipedia
  16. The idea was meant to be in the game, but dropped to make room for release. They say they're going to put it in eventually, though.
  17. "Aids" should be "AIDS", should it not?
  18. Actually, I have still not seen Kucinich even come close to winning the primaries when I changed his stats.
  19. "Dion Thrown Into Sea By Own Party Members After Crushing Defeat In 2007 Election!"
  20. IMHO, Kucinich is way too low. Granted, he isn't going to win elections anytime soon, but his stats should be: Leadership: 3 Integrity: 4 Experience: 3 IF: 4 Charisma: 3 Stamina: 4 Debating skill: 3 How well known: Low How well established: 1 I understand you don't want him winning primaries easily, but I doubt he'd win THAT much with these stats. Also, if you do change him, don't forget to change his VP stats too (same goes with any other candidate). Also, you can put the offical 80soft far-left stances for War on Terror and Iran in now.
  21. Rudy Giuliani's stance on labor unions should be centrist. Some unions have endorsed his campaigns in the past.
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