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  1. The biggest problem is the amount of undecideds finally decide who to vote for on election night. Is it the major candidates? No. Most go for the obscure ones.
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    The forum died immediately after the off-topic areas were removed.
  3. Allen's campaign was just using quotes from the book to make people go "EWWWWW!" since they didn't understand what the book is about. It's about as "racist" as Full Metal Jacket. Secondly, Allen's comment wasn't just called dumb, otherwise Bush's integrity would be at 1, it was called racist.
  4. Macaca. No matter how long it has been, Democrats would pick that up and use it against him. His public image was somewhat ruined by it. I'm pretty sure Allen was put in before he said that back when he was considered a likely candidate, ergo his integrity is at 4, which would be correct and I'd have no problems with it. However, he then had that whole macaca incident, and it went downhill from there. So perhaps putting his integrity at 2 would be too harsh, but I think it'd be reasonable to put it at 3.
  5. It's only in beta testing stage right now.
  6. By "MIA" he means he isn't in the game.
  7. When random events are on in a custom scenario, they appear way too much. By the time you get to the general the events are pretty much depleted. The frequency they appear at should really be toned down quite a bit, because not only do they appear too much, but almost every issue then becomes a key issue in the campaign. And two totally unrelated things: 1. Fix George Allen's integrity. It should be 2 or at least 3, not 4. 2. Undecideds should have a much lesser chance of suddenly siding with third party candidates. It's somewhat annoying to see Badnarik go from 0.6% to 2.9% before and aft
  8. I do hope that by early 2008 we see a fully functional PF. (As in, with random events and all that in at the start) Nice to finally see an official 2000 scenario for PF, though. (And not for the 2000 version, which is quite different)
  9. Mrdie


    They're changing the name of the company. Ergo, the candidate creator now has the companies new name. http://theoryspark.com/
  10. It was meant to be in originally, but it was pushed back. It is apparently going to come back in a patch, though.
  11. http://putstuff.putfile.com/69845/7010562 You can download it from there. (That is, version 11)
  12. As a note, it says to extract it to President Forever 2008 + Primaries All I've ever seen it as was President Forever + Primaries. Just rename the folder and it's fine. Anyway, I tried it out for a bit, it's alright, although certainly buggy. (For example, it seems I can't get past step 1 after choosing to make a whole new scenario even though I filled in all the things)
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    I don't get what you mean.
  14. I assume the next update will bring back random events? (Not "Person got hit with pie!" but stuff like "Terrorist Found on Ship" and "Government Projects Deficit" plus the economy actually changing over time)
  15. Slightly differently worded issue stances (I changed like one, the Left same-sex marriage stance), fixed the white bar appearing next to Hillary's small picture (which is in the news thing in the game), and that's it.
  16. If anyone wants it, I put it on Putstuff. (I modified it myself, but only a very little bit) http://putstuff.putfile.com/58949/1304903
  17. There should be a toggable thing when creating parties, that determines if a party is a third party or not. This would give them much larger penalties than normal parties, such as less momentum, much less chance of getting an interview, etc. Basically, if you get 1% on election night, you did good. Or at least have only the AI be affected by third party status.
  18. Indeed. I just hope they're planning a major update.
  19. "Obama Dies From Heart Attack While on Campaign Trail!" That'd be a shocking event.
  20. "For those with more of an international outlook, publisher 80soft offers similar products depicting the electoral politics of Wessex, Canada, Australia and Germany." Could always be worse.
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