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  1. Well, it is kinda needed if they want to do 1980 unless Anderson isn't in the primaries. (And it is instead Reagan Vs. Bush Vs. Baker and so on)
  2. http://www.theoryspark.com/interact/contact.htm You can easily ask for the 2004 version at no cost. What I do to help further convince them is simply mention my username on the forum.
  3. Brownback is out. Just a FYI. http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles...t_of_2008_race/
  4. Yeah, that's in pretty big need of fixing.
  5. I have a question, are you still considering that feature that has candidates dropping out of the primaries and running as independents? (With a loyalty stat to go, so Anderson in 1980 for example will almost always run as an indie if things don't go his way whereas Giuliani doing the same in 2008 would be worthy of a gasp)
  6. Mrdie


    Any progress? (Assuming no, but bumping since these are good scenarios)
  7. Kucinich isn't a Socialist, so his stance on labor unions should be left instead of far-left. (He is just a leftist social democrat)
  8. You should just upload your folder to Rapidshare. For those that want it emailed, you can email them. Email them when a new update comes out (linking them to the new Rapidshare link) etc.
  9. You forgot to mention that Ron Paul is in.
  10. You could always upload the zip/rar (Winrar > Winzip) file to Rapidshare and post it here. That way everyone isn't all like "EMAIL ME YOU BASTARD" and such.
  11. Mrdie

    PF+P on Linux

    Test #2: Candidate editor Works without flaws from what I have seen. I made a completely new character and tested it in the game and there were no bugs with him. I did this in a custom scenario to boot.
  12. Mrdie

    PF+P on Linux

    Since I use Fedora 7 Linux, I tried to play PF+P on it using Wine. (Fedora is a Linux distribution) Now, in version 0.9.43 (in Wine) the game ran (although it has an error retrieving information required for activation) and all worked except the map. Whenever I clicked on any part of the map, it glitched out, went all red, and kept on making me click on Alabama. Now in version 0.9.44 I can actually use the map. The game however, just like the last version of Wine, is still noticeably slower than on Windows and still occasionally has map glitches. It does seem to be pretty playable though. Ma
  13. You could upload it to rapidshare and link it here.
  14. These are what Alan Keye's stances should be:
  15. Bah, whenever I color in someone, they seem to look like some sort of unholy monster ready to kill voters. http://www.recolored.com/ That is the program I used. (Free trial) Anyway, some of the pictures do indeed look rough. Some don't even have images. So I suggest the following: John McKeithen - http://www.nndb.com/people/939/000122573/j...hen-1-sized.jpg Thomas Lynch - http://ag.ca.gov/ag/images/lynch.jpg George Smathers - http://www.genarians.com/images/SmathersWEB.jpg Reagan - http://cache.eb.com/eb/image?id=77978&rendTypeId=4 George Romney - http://faculty.concord.edu/chrisz/
  16. As a note, I might be able to color any black and white photos.
  17. The party images folder (in both 2004 and 2000) needs to be cleaned up. There is an image of John Anderson in it, among others.
  18. Beta 2000 scenario, I modded in Clinton, he lost Tennessee by 44 votes and thus the election.
  19. Buchanan's position on free trade should either be center-left, left, or far-left.
  20. Ah, yes. I didn't check the far-right stance because I figured it'd be something like "WE MUST COLONIZE THE WORLD!".
  21. Buchanan's abortion position should be far-right and nation building center-right.
  22. Mrdie

    VP Bonus?

    I agree. For example, Richardson as VP should give a large boost to the Democrats in New Mexico, for example.
  23. I'm pretty sure it has to do with campaigning in the primaries. For some reason, primaries campaigning can largely affect the general election.
  24. You can have it like it is right now when you're playing a third party, and when you're playing a major party they're very limited. That way third party players aren't bored, and major party players aren't annoyed.
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