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  1. Any update on this feature? It'd be nice since you could do 1980 properly. (John Anderson ran in the Republican primaries, lost, ran as an independent and got 5% of the vote, which is huge for a third party candidate) This could be determined by something in the editor. Like a % chance of how likely a candidate would drop out. You could also have candidates bowing out but endorsing their party's candidates at the conventions, keeping quiet, or even endorsing a rival. This should probably be a hidden stat called party loyalty. This should depend on issue positions. E.g. Lieberman is more like
  2. I'm strongly opposed to putting in vote rigging and such. It sounds absurd for a thing to pop up like "Mr. McCain, would you like to totally ace the debate by... cheating?" That'd seriously damage a campaign, and being caught vote rigging during the election would basically force a candidate out of the race. This means that one click could end your campaign. If they even put it in though, I'd hope it'd be turned off by default. (So should spies, actually, but they're extremely minor so I don't mind) I just want 80Soft to get their original "candidate can drop out of primaries and run their o
  3. Problem with this is that for it to be realistic you'd have to model racist voting blocs for each state, which I doubt can be done. Ditto with gender blocs which are probably even harder to determine. I don't think race is really that much of an issue in this campaign anyway, as opposed to Al Smith being a Catholic in 1928 or Hiram Fong in 1964.
  4. How about a thing that can be clicked on or off for candidate editing that lists a person as the incumbent President? That way if the economy goes bad, etc. they get directly affected, whereas picking another candidate for that party hurts the candidate less since he/she isn't the President. But yeah, a thing for Governors is good, since Governors have more in common with the Presidency, just like Representatives have more in common with the Senate.
  5. As time goes on, I assume this will get some minor improvements and such, yes? (To the game engine and so on, not just scenarios) I like the "turn off minor parties" feature.
  6. I think a good idea would be to add the RGB color system. That way you could have any color system you'd want, which is particularly important if your scenario has like 16 parties. (I'm sure this has been suggested before too)
  7. Spamming does not make people want to join.
  8. Mrdie

    Ralph Nader

    PMF:C 2006 has like 16 parties in the scenarios. Although the lack of seats and each minor party's very low chances of winning them safely put them below 1% in the end, yet they're in anyway.
  9. I have a feeling that since Theoryspark is already working on Congress Forever and continuing to improve PF+P 2008, we will probably see a new scenario for PMF:C 2006 which is, of course, set in 2008. (Same thing with their Australia game)Would like to be proved wrong of course, although I don't know what they could add off the top of my head except leadership elections.
  10. It'd be pretty bad. He'd never get his social agenda passed and the moderate wing of the Republicans would either jump ship or refuse to back him. Bush had to move to the right a bit more after 1988 (thanks in part to Robertson doing so well) but he still was seen as pretty moderate.
  11. Long was the last Fascist politician in the USA. He ran on basically the same campaign Mussolini did. He stood for a better capitalism that would give wealth to the middle class and stand up to the "big guy". He had a rapidly growing cult of personality and authoritarian tendencies. His relations with Charles Coughlin is yet another indicator. Roosevelt himself had some economically Fascist policies (of course more moderate than Mussolini) because back in 1936 Fascism was actually popular. (Roosevelt was, of course, opposed to Hitler) http://www.rationalrevolution.net/articles...can_fascism.h
  12. Mrdie

    Multiplayer Game

    A question: if there is a third-party scenario (or a modified version of an original scenario), does it allow you to DL files required to play it when you attempt to join the server?
  13. Anti-Unionists aren't necessarily conservative, though. Orchard may have been a part of the Progressive Conservatives, but many accused him of entryism (basically, infiltrating a party only to change its ideology, in this case to the left) and he joined the Liberals after the merger, although he would by default abandon them if they became pro-union. Orchard himself has many unorthodox views compared with other conservatives. He considers the Afghanistan war to be imperialistic, he favors more federal control, he is fine with the social net and even wants to expand it in some places, etc. He's
  14. You should have anti-unionists. David Orchard would be good to represent the Canadian side and Pat Buchanan for the U.S.
  15. I noticed a typo in the Right position on the Tehran Hostages. It says "get back the hostage" when it should be hostages. Center has a typo at negotiation, as does center-left.
  16. Why not make two new 'states' (the electoral vote areas that Byrd won in Alabama and Oklahoma) and make it so no one else except Byrd can campaign in them and Alabama? (And Byrd obviously should not campaign in any other area) Only issue would be population, but it shouldn't be too hard. Just get population of said states and if possible to gain regional population in said states then just use calculator to subtract the numbers for the actual state. Of course Byrd is (unrealistically) going to get 100% of the vote anyway if it's a realistic number or 1 voter, so perhaps that isn't important.
  17. The Pope is the voice of the Catholic people. (well, from a theological standpoint) So he is always a Catholic.
  18. I'd replace tobacco with welfare, which was a pretty important issue in the 1996 election if I remember correctly. I believe Clinton advocated a "cut and reform it" approach, as did Dole.
  19. Mrdie

    Democracy 2

    It's out now, as a note.
  20. http://www.behindthename.com/nmc/ara.php
  21. Indeed. It should make the general election (as in, going in from primaries) more realistic too, as it gives oddness less time to react.
  22. I don't see why 2000 isn't at official status yet. Maybe a few candidates positions aren't filled out correctly (plus Buchanan and Browne are missing pictures) but those are fairly minor.
  23. Not after the Democrats rejected to have him put on the ballot.
  24. Just for the hell of it, I added a few ultra-obscure candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties. I then noticed they kept on getting interviewed by major networks, shows, etc. So yeah, shouldn't their chances be much lower? I'm talking about the "1's in all categories" types.
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