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    Canada 2008

    How is progress? I know there's an official scenario obviously, but users generally make better versions if they put enough effort into it. (Like the Habsfan scenarios)
  2. Mrdie

    Canada 1993

    How is progress on the scenario?
  3. As a note, for Republicans, why isn't Lugar in as a candidate? Lugar's campaign could of been serious had it somehow gained a following. He was (and still is) a well-respected Senator. I'd say him, Bush and McCain (both turned off of course) should be in. I can give stats and platform for all 3 if you wish.
  4. Don't overpower him. Remember he's now a fundamentalist christian who, besides a bit of internet fame, generally isn't taken seriously.
  5. The Right choice in the Military issue mentions "major expansion.. to deal with both Iraq and China's superpower potential." Iraq? Don't you mean Iran? Or Russia? (Russia makes much more sense since I don't know anyone who claims Iran is a viable superpower anytime soon) Also I think the same-sex marriage issue is a bit dated in the sense that more focus seems to be put on state versus federal intervention, as opposed to the game where it seems to be "government will either recognize it or not." Nice to see the tax issue has changed, so it isn't all "Reduce taxes on the rich or increase taxes
  6. Here are much better looking photos for all the candidates. Just replace the party_images/candidates folder with the pictures in here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=06UE471A Also includes Bush and McCain photos if you want to add them.
  7. Was the country still in a recession? From sources I know, it had mostly recovered. (Which is probably why Clinton won so big in 1996)
  8. Bill Clinton actually cut welfare funding although his campaign platform wasn't that blunt, so his stance should be at the center. From On The Issues:
  9. This could be an opportunity to put some more work into it. Add all the pictures, etc. Oh, BTW: http://paint.net/ Use that to resize images so they don't come out looking like crap when put into the game. (This applies to far too many scenarios)
  10. Shouldn't AIDS be replaced by Welfare? I doubt AIDS was all that important as it was in 1992.
  11. In the 'uncivilized' nations, abortion is not seen as important because stuff like food and a stable life in general takes precedence. (Besides, it's already considered wrong in most of those countries) Just like you don't hear of gay rights in Zimbabwe, Moldova, Tanzania or Albania since just about the entire population considers it wrong in those states. I agree it shouldn't be a world issue. If it is, make it non-important. Is there a way to get certain areas caring more about an issue than others? And abortion is an issue in those "far far far far left european nations" you speak about.
  12. Mrdie

    Canada 2008

    I concede. Makes sense, since he's a nationalist. So there isn't anything truly nutty about him then. (And I doubt the Taliban bit is true)
  13. Mrdie

    Canada 2008

    I know this, but I meant as in he wants the monarch to have more of a say in matters.Americans get stuck with racists like Buchanan, Canadians get stuck with awesome populists like Orchard.
  14. 1993 still doesn't seem to work, although 1997 and 2000 do. Also, why not call on players to add pictures, additional candidates, and other things to the scenarios? 2000, 1997 and 1993 clearly lack detail compared to 2004, 2006 and 2008.
  15. I personally like the minor parties. It adds personality.
  16. Mrdie

    Canada 2008

    The only thing that seriously seems loony about him is that he's a monarchist, which probably wouldn't get very far in Parliament so nothing happening there.
  17. Putin is not a social democrat, he's clearly a conservative. How about Hysni Milloshi for the socialists? For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communist_Par..._Albania_(1991) It succeeded the APL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albanian_Party_of_Labour He could be an underdog candidate. He'd basically be 100% hardline. (He's a Marxist-Leninist) IRL Enver Hoxha (Albania's leader, died in 1985) led a separate Communist movement when he broke with Mao in 1978. There were pro-Albanian rebels against the pro-Soviet government in Ethiopia, pro-Albanian rebels against the pro-American gove
  18. The CHP is like the Constitution party in the US. It isn't like the GOP.
  19. They released it at the start of the election. They will update it as time goes on.Major bug though: The 2000, 1997 and 1993 scenarios do not work at all. Only 2008, 2006, and 2004 work. (And 1867) Edit: Appears help file won't open either while in game, but maybe that's just me.
  20. Poverty plays a significant part too, since racism effects the minority much more than the majority for obvious reasons, and if the minority is mostly in poverty, that can be devastating.Still though, my point stands. I wouldn't oppose putting it into the game, but how do you determine the racist bloc? A "he understands my issues because he's a brother" bloc in Obama's case would be easier, but we still have to face the racist one, particularly for white voters.
  21. Any update on this feature? It'd be nice since you could do 1980 properly. (John Anderson ran in the Republican primaries, lost, ran as an independent and got 5% of the vote, which is huge for a third party candidate) This could be determined by something in the editor. Like a % chance of how likely a candidate would drop out. You could also have candidates bowing out but endorsing their party's candidates at the conventions, keeping quiet, or even endorsing a rival. This should probably be a hidden stat called party loyalty. This should depend on issue positions. E.g. Lieberman is more like
  22. I'm strongly opposed to putting in vote rigging and such. It sounds absurd for a thing to pop up like "Mr. McCain, would you like to totally ace the debate by... cheating?" That'd seriously damage a campaign, and being caught vote rigging during the election would basically force a candidate out of the race. This means that one click could end your campaign. If they even put it in though, I'd hope it'd be turned off by default. (So should spies, actually, but they're extremely minor so I don't mind) I just want 80Soft to get their original "candidate can drop out of primaries and run their o
  23. Problem with this is that for it to be realistic you'd have to model racist voting blocs for each state, which I doubt can be done. Ditto with gender blocs which are probably even harder to determine. I don't think race is really that much of an issue in this campaign anyway, as opposed to Al Smith being a Catholic in 1928 or Hiram Fong in 1964.
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