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  1. So... repeating my call for help here. If I can't get any, I'll just continue but have the rest of the third-party candidates ('cept Thomas) off.
  2. Any more help for realistic third party candidates?
  3. I don't really know how to do realistic primaries. Having third-parties off the ballots except in their homestate would defeat the purpose of having them in. Electric Monk suggested this but still not quite sure how to do it.
  4. Here's the beta. (Do not run in primaries, the game will crash. Run it in general election) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TPITTQGS
  5. Not quite. Many Libertarians I've met can easily be viewed as far-right. They believe in 'international banker' (read: Jewish) conspiracies, etc. They also tend to be fundamentalist Christians. (Same with many Objectivists despite Ayn Rand's stringent atheism)Much like the Republicans and Democrats, the Libertarians are a big tent. Libertarians can range from Bill Maher to Bob Barr to Bo Gritz.
  6. That helped, but still pretty big numbers. (Communists got 1.5%, Prohibition got 4.1%)
  7. Where would I find this data?Also, alienation didn't work.
  8. It shouldn't show them in state stats. For example, lets say I make a candidate, he has no ballot status in Georgia, ergo he can't receive votes in it. The state stats list his 'polling' at 0% whereas in reality he shouldn't be on it.
  9. A lot of people do consider Libertarians far-right. Yes, even socially in some cases.
  10. I agree. More stuff needs to be on the campaign trail and a greater emphasis on different types of voters that you can appeal to or try to avoid alienating.
  11. All that's really needed is a fix so third parties don't get absurd amount of %'s.
  12. That's because I haven't finished the 1932 election.
  13. Mrdie

    1960 scenario

    Just curious, will we ever see a 1960 scenario like in the 2004 version of President Forever?
  14. Irrelevant since 6% is still far, far too big and the difficulty setting doesn't change it much.
  15. I disagree. I think it has more to do with undecideds somehow factoring in unknown/fringe candidates (Communists, Prohibitionists) whereas IRL they would, in the vast majority of cases, either think about the two main candidates or simply not vote. I say this because before election night in my 1932 scenario the Communists and Prohibitionists both get less than 1% of the vote, yet election night rolls around and the undecideds go to the polls and... the Communists get 1% and the Prohibitionists, who I am playing as (spacebarring, not actual campaigning) magically get 6%. The Socialists (who IR
  16. As a note, how do you make it so the third party candidates do so (realistically) poorly in the scenario? When I add third parties to my own scenarios, they do far too well.
  17. Does alienation do much? I have the Prohibition Party candidate at 100% alienation and 97% uncertain in all states. Yet he winds up with 7% of the vote as me spacebarring as him. His establishment is at 1.
  18. I'm nearly done, just need to do candidates. However, I have a problem: third-party candidates do way too well. How do I fix this? (I'm talking from 7%, which is what I got the Prohibition Party polling at, to a realistic 0.2% or something)
  19. Plus you can have LaRouche in as the fourth, ├╝ber-spacebar candidate. (As opposed to the Libertarian's Bergland, who is a mere spacebar candidate not worthy of LaRouche's glorious ├╝berness)
  20. 1984 had an interesting Democratic primary as did 1988, but at least 1988 was somewhat competitive whereas in '84 the Democrats probably got a shock similar to the Canadian PCs in 1993. I'd say 1984 would be more interesting simply because we already have a fairly decent, usermade 1988 one and the usermade 1984 one seems a bit disappointing.
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