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  1. This was the biggest problem I had with my 1932 scenario, too.
  2. Don't worry Purple Dreamer, I asked for the latest version of Prime Minister Forever Canada 2008 a few days ago and got it within three days. Yours will come.
  3. This may help: http://www.jlg-utilities.com/index.php
  4. Can't you basically simulate that already? In PFP you can easily set state stats so that there is effectively only one candidate running in the state, with others beyond trailing. You could also disallow a party ballot access in a state, actually making elections in said state one-candidate. I don't see how this game would be any different.
  5. It was pretty much impossible IRL. I actually think the third-parties are a bit overpowered when NPCs, because IRL none of them got 1% (and a whole lot more third-parties exist than the 2008 scenario simulates), whereas in game they get like 2%, 3%, etc. The most votes a third-party candidate got was Nader with 0.56%.
  6. I noticed Carroll Campbell is misspelled, Carroll has one r in the game when it should have two.
  7. Generally any candidate-centered issue is a bad idea. What if McGovern isn't the candidate?
  8. Can we... what? The game already has a 1992 election.
  9. The problem with distortions and pictures looking 'fuzzy' and such is because in order to have clear pictures (like mine and yours) most people don't recognize that you need to re-size said images using a program like Paint.NET so said images look good, rather than having PF automatically re-size them in a shoddy fashion which makes them look bad. Your picture does look a bit better.
  10. Just turn these from JPG's into BMP's and you're good to go:
  11. It should be noted that issue positions shouldn't really be "what x or y really think" but their actual campaign platforms or what they 'officially' said during the campaign. If any candidate said "I want to annihilate the inferior races by turning them into KFC buckets" you'd need to note if that was actually their 'official' position or if it was just a "remark made during a particular moment" or a "joke."
  12. So, is any more work being done on this?
  13. "Begin to aid the South Vietnamese in other ways that military advisors." Typo on Right position on Vietnam.
  14. Not much progress due to being busy. Anyone want to suggest alternate primaries candidates? (Besides the obvious Huey Long) Also, what would be a good length for the primaries?
  15. I'm going to return to this scenario in a bit and basically do fairly ahistorical primaries (e.g. like modern times) in the name of gameplay and getting a non-beta version out the door. Any heads up? (What candidates should do relatively well where, etc. except in the most obvious of places)
  16. I'm pretty sure this means contacting the admins beforehand.
  17. I was unaware they contacted the TheorySpark admins about posting links. ... Because they didn't.
  18. Mrdie

    Political Game

    It isn't that inactive. This area is inactive because there isn't anything to really discuss on the 'general' side of things. The 2008 election is over, updates seem to be done (maybe Theoryspark will make another one before focusing on 2012), etc. The scenario and feedback forums are fairly active though.
  19. Mrdie

    Political Game

    I think the main problem here is that admins are locking the threads and not deleting the posts. It'd be much better if the people kept their forum links in their signatures rather than making a new thread. By locking a thread the admins aren't actually fighting this stuff since the link (and topic) remains anyway.
  20. Mrdie

    Qpawn UK

    It's like people are intentionally trying to annoy the Theoryspark staff.
  21. Mrdie

    Election Day

    Theoryspark deleted the off-topic areas for a reason.
  22. It's a good game that's less stable than it should be. Also the engine running it is to my knowledge very old (1996-2000 judging by the Bill Clinton icon) which means that it is already less stable. I like the retro look though, but not the fact that it's actually retro.
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