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  1. That'd be one massive scenario. Hard too. But it would also benefit from the up to 16 partys thing.
  2. Okay, how about being able to toggle an issue. So some issues can be like it is now (Left-Center Left-Centrist-Center Right-Right) while others can be like this: (Far Left-Left-Center Left-Centrist-Center Right-Right-Far Right) Problem solved?
  3. That'd be interesting if applied to real life... Reporter: So, what is the offical party stance on Abortion? Canidate: Well, center-left, left, or far left? Reporter: All three. Canidate: Second trimester, and full access to abortions. Reporter: And the left? Canidate: BLANK! Reporter: O.o
  4. --> QUOTE(Mark B @ Feb 15 2006, 12:58 PM) 106427[/snapback] I think you can get by with 4 parties in the US but ideally there should be more, perhaps eight. (16 is fine, but I can't see how you would use 16 parties except in entirely fictional scenarios). That's what I would use them for. --> QUOTE(Mark B @ Feb 15 2006, 12:58 PM) 106427[/snapback] Also, just a few suggestions. Is it possible to slightly increase the number of issues (perhaps from 18 to 20 or 22) and also the number of issue positions, so perhaps you could have far left-left-centre left-centrist-centre right-right-fa
  5. Just curious here, will there by party goals like in Prime Minister Forever - Canada? For example, a third party canidate has to have like... 10% or something to "Win" the game, but not the election. Or etc.
  6. That's actually an excellent idea. Would make you plan a bit more instead of just "Lolz, let me just spill my PP into this!11"
  7. Well, it could be for..well..anything really. Obviously 16 partys wouldn't be very useful in like, actual real life mimicing PF scenarios, but in alternate history scenarios, or non-US ones, or etc, could be useful. Now, I'm not saying "OMG WE NEED UP TEW 80 PARTYS PER SCENARIO!11" or anything. Because if that happens, you will truely be screwed in the area of keeping up with things. Eight partys is fine, just wondering if they will include more. o.o "Well, maybe have a feature where you can turn off endorsements for certain candidates?" "Yea, the answer is not to eliminate the third partie
  8. Yes, I know (I DO live in America ) but I meant for scenarios or etc.
  9. Are there going to be more than eight partys? Since PM-C 2006 could have up to sixteen. Last I heard on this issue was that PF-P will have up to eight. Now, eight is pretty damn big, but still.
  10. Certainly not a "serious" scenario acording to the platform posistions. Still a nice scenario though. I'd give it a 3 Edit: After altering some things, and giving pictures to some canidates who had none, all is good.
  11. Ditto. I saw the ridings data for PM-C 2006 and I just stepped away. Both becasue it seemed like a pain in the ass to alter so many things on one screen, and two, because I don't want to screw one thing up, get an error, and then be like "Oh noes!" and go back over and over to fix something.Granted, PM-C 2006 is different (Both gameplay and etc) from PF-P, but still.
  12. Hah! Look at me! I am 9999 posts away! Almost there..almost...
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