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  1. Played it. It appears the 2008 elections are a tad more realistic now after going from primaries into game, although I had one instance where Gingrich won and didn't pick a Veep, causing the game to crash when it came time for the Veep debates. Anyway, suggestions: I am glad you changed the far-left on War on Terror stance, but don't forget to change it for the 2004 scenario too. Far-left Iran position should be: Iran does not pose a threat to world peace, they deserve to have nuclear weapons for peaceful purposes. Far-left Same-Sex Marriage position should be: Abolish marriage as a govern
  2. Sent an email. (My email is vlazzarano@msn.com)
  3. 80soft is already making an official 1992 scenario. So I'd wait until then, and then make 1996 or 1988 or something.
  4. "Clinton Endorsed By National Rifle Association!" This should not happen. Also, for endorsers, Ted Kennedy should be at "Left", not Far-left.
  5. Mrdie

    Canada 2007

    GARTH TURNER IS A GIRL!!!11 AKA: Switch him to male, it lists him as a women. Same with Andre Arthur, Elizabeth May, etc etc...
  6. Mrdie


    Right click, open with, select notepad. IT WORKS COMRADE!!!!
  7. You should get Sask to do the map. Anyway, I assume you're planning to add Mike Gravel. These are close to his stances: Abortion: C-L BB: C-R SC: C Edu: L Energy: L Environment: L GC: C HC: C-L HS: C Immigration: C Iran: C Iraq: C Outsourcing: L PT: Right SSM: C-L SS: C-L Unions: C-L WoT: C-R
  8. Joe Lieberman as a VP candidate, his last name is "lieberman", when it should be a capitol L.
  9. Far-left stem cell issue cuts off a bit. It just ends with "massively increase funding for a Stem Cell." Stem cell what?
  10. Mrdie

    Canada 2007

    You should turn random events on. I made some random events for you if you'd like to use them. //Afghanistan Canadian Troops Accidently Open Fire on Own Convoys Report: Afghanistan Situation Improving Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Civilians @ //Business Tax Report: Small Business Taxes Are Too High Report: Corporate Influence In Parliament Growing @ //Day Care Parents Petition For National Program Revival Report: Harper's Day Care Plans Inefficient @ //Democratic Reform Leaked Memo Raises Questions About Government Corruption Report: Canada's System of Patronage Must Stop Rally
  11. Mrdie

    Canada 2007

    vlazzarano@msn.com Thanks.
  12. Two new issue stance changes: Same-sex marriage (far-left): Take action against religious figures who refuse to marry same-sex couples. Outsourcing (far-left): Outsourcing exploits poorer countries for profit. Allow outsourcing only under strict conditions.
  13. Mrdie

    P4EP Bugs

    Not a bug, but Kucinich's stance on abortion should be left. He opposes federal funding of it, something a person who would be far-left on abortion most likely wouldn't do. (Plus, he was one of the most pro-life members of Congress before his sudden switch)
  14. Technicality is kind of a wrong word for it, but he did get more votes.
  15. IHMO, you should remove the Ford, Carter, and H.W. Bush endorsements. Ford may very well be dead in 2008 (granted, he's healthy now, but still, he's in his 90's), Carter is a good man, but not exactly a person many people would trust picking who would be best for President, and I don't see H.W. Bush having an amazing effect on candidates. Also, Gore is NOT that liberal. If he's that liberal, Bradley must be similar to Dennis Kucinich! (Remember, in 2000, Bradley ran against Gore in the primaries from the more leftist part of the Democratic party) Make his stance on Iraq center-left, environm
  16. I really don't think "School Prayer/Religion" was much of an issue. I'd replace it with NAFTA (Of course, in Canada during 1988, it was a huge issue with NAFTA and all that, I'd say for US, it's importance should be at 2) Stances for NAFTA would be: Far-left: The process of globalization must be reversed! Left: Reject NAFTA and pull out of free trade agreements, introduce tariffs on all of our industries. Center-left: Reject NAFTA, some of our industries need to be protected, look into modifying or pulling out of certain free trade agreements. Center: Reject NAFTA in it's present form, ap
  17. Even though you're a supporter of the new Republican party (1980 - present), at least you are against flip flopping.
  18. There's still the issue of putting in a persons picture, going to another candidate, going back, and finding the picture all screwed up and pixelated. (And the size screwed up, which is the main cause of the "invalid image size" bug) Also, it'd be nice if you didn't have to put percentage info in every single state. Just have it so those who don't put any info in, basically start at 0% nationally and in every state.
  19. Wow, someone finally put down "No."
  20. Mrdie

    Edit Candidates

    Look above this forum area...
  21. I am 99% sure it has to do with the percentages file, and in a full version of the editor, it should be noted.
  22. 80soft is contemplating a scenario editor for the game. Since they are more likely to create one if a majority of people want it, I've decided to make this poll.
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