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  1. Go to your scenarios folder, then look for a word doc entitled 'scenarios' or something. Open it and add all the scenario names. (you can use this to change the order of your scenarios as well)
  2. Hear Hear! I think rather than having various programes for different countries, one unilateral program for Britan, the US, Canada, Australia etc.
  3. If anyone is going to make another Scottish scenario, you are free to ask me for advice on Scottish affairs.
  4. If you've corrected it please put it up on the site! PS: I'm not an authoritarian it's just my name. Because it's my name a lot of people assume I am an authoritarian but that's like calling the Nazis socialist because it was in their name! lol Because he's a conservative duh!
  5. I'm just going to pick my home region to show how out the platform is: Abortion - no generally in the Highlands people are pro-abortion. Assylum + Immigration - no most people actually want more immigrants due to shortages of jobs Businesses - should be "businesses should be taxed fairly" Council Tax - this is absurd! Most people realise the importance of the council and although they might think it should be less, Highland people would not want it to be abolished! Crime - get a life! The Highlands is a Liberal area - I don't know anyone who wants to bring back the death penalty Envirome
  6. This is a seriously poor scenario. The leaders are severly out of date, their home regions are totally messed up. Regional platforms are quite frankly appaling, it assumes that the whole of Scotland is composed of Conservatives. (note in real life there is only one Conservative constituency seat out of 72). It defies all opinion polls. (the tories are DOWN not up). The 'PR' system is pointless as it doesn't work. The endorsers and newspapers are also messed up. Since when did you get the 'Scottish' Daily Record (they are Scottish by default) and they have never ever supported the Conservative
  7. Quick note: Peter Lucas = Matthew Jones I don't know if there is a rule against this or anything?
  8. I'd be intrested, what game though?
  9. Um, Hang on a sec - 80soft seem to have deleted the topic... username: pmforever password: (I've actually forgotton - can someone remind me?) But, some ***ker has deleted all the scenarios...
  10. I havn't tried it out yet but I will... Why don't 80soft provide proper cheats e.g. Launch a scandle, Get extra money, Get extra foot-soilders, Kill all voters of a particular party, Make a party leader suffer an accident or heart attack or something - makes them stop campaigning The last two would be hilarious!
  11. Whats happening about the scenario page? Whenever I go on it I get this stats page...
  12. Sure! Tell me how often do you barnstorm or give speeches? Any tips on endorsers or anything?
  13. Oh and site is: www.freewebs.com/pmforever
  14. 80soft have said they are going to update it but anyway see this thread: http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=4771
  15. That's why I need whoever did this's permision - I want to be able to put it up for public use. Anyway it's not quite ready - something to do with the dates is causing a problem And yes it is for Prime Minister forever.
  16. I've noticed no-one updates the scenarios anymore - I have made a site for scenarios where people can upload them themselves. Can I have 80softs permission to put on the scenarios allready available on the old scenario page?
  17. I have edited the WW1 scenario for use in PMforever. I hope no one minds. But whoever made the scenario would it be okay to put my version on the web? I would give you credit for everything.
  18. Does that mean that the scenario downloads will get updated?
  19. I've started editing scenarios eg. UK 2005 but with certain parties turned off. I haven't finished but I'm confident the end result will be worth it. So far I'm almost finished UK2005 but with no conservative, it's suprisingly easy. Try it.
  20. Okay how about this. We start gaming online. So everyone who wants to play says what party they want to be in. Then the first party on the game (i.e. Labour in the UK) selects all the parties who are playing under new game then clicks start. He then takes his go, saves the game, and then posts the save game on the net. The next player downloads the save game, takes his go, overwrites the last save game and reposts it online. The next repeats it. And so on and so forth. Would this work? And if so who would be intrested in playing it?
  21. What's your best no of seats as the SNP? I managed to get 30 with Scotland being described as Scottish Nationalist solid.
  22. 10000! And to think I'm only a pleb!
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