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  1. When u get a chance i would apreciate all of them as well sms2290@gmail.com
  2. thnx so much thats exactly what i needed and it couldnt have been explained any better, now if i can only get 8 more platforms i would be golden right now i have: Back Pack Weight Amount of homework Bullying Food Quality TextBook Updates Bus Driver Quality Violent Threats against school Homework Grading Policies Sex Education Public Displays of Affection Appeals against punishment Time School Starts Student Late Policy Dress Code Any suggestions wiht other platforms or issues thnx again for all ur help
  3. So i figured out just about everything except how to make the notepad file for regions match up with my map i created, i cannot figure out the grid, could anyone give some advice on how i could get them in sync
  4. wel i was looking to go with a High school theme, so i was really looking for something basic, i would like to make it myself but i dont really kno how to get it to that blue color. So the style i wanna go with would be maybe 10 boxes, and within each i will put a social group. IE: Athletics, Teachers, Drama Club, Cheerleaders, Skateboarders/punks
  5. this is my first scenario and i was just kind of tinkering around but i cant figure out how to make a map, is ther anywhere with tips on making one or can someone help me out here? htnx for ur response
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