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  1. The Isle Of Man's House Of Keys is mostly made of 'Independents' - however that in itself has always been a touch suspect, many being local Masonic Lodge Chamber Of Commerce, Farmer's Union or Mec Vannin candidates in all but name. That changed in the last decade with the Alliance for Progressive Government and the Positive Action Group - whipless political parties in all but name openly campaigning as a bloc group. However, even with that said, administrations are still very much made 'cross party' out of pragmatics. The place is too small and the stakes too high (as a prominent offshore ta
  2. You might want to add in the Official Monster Raving Loony Party - I hear Freddie Zapp & his mob are still active in Cambourne & elsewhere.
  3. Ooo, that looks good! Where do I get that scenario?
  4. Would be even better to have a version for the Pocket PC
  5. Waffen Thin Mint


    Unfortunately, yes. This is a major cause of concern in the Republic, caused largely by the same phenomena as in the UK of a lazy electorate not keeping tabs of the issues. Most thought Irish politicians playing up "the 6 Counties Question" card was as dead a dodo as the Commonwealth immigrants one Britain saw in the 1970s, with Ireland's economic boom. Unfortunately the boom has declined, many youngsters cannot find permenant work (forget the plethora of "infinity temping" jobs...) & a young generation has grown up (combined with those of the older generation disillusioned with Fianna F
  6. Your best bet would be for a Libya - Egypt - Syria one, with Sudan & Tunisia thrown in at a pinch. The three did have a limited form of unity in the 1970s as the United Arab Republic, albeit this was more for military & economic bargaining purposes than a full union - Gadaffi was keener on it that Sadat or the Syrians, & that slowly fell apart when the latter two triggered the Yom Kippur War without bothering to tell the Libyans about it (which proved fortuitous, since after their early success, tactical howlers resulted in the Egyptians coming damned close to seeing the Israeli a
  7. Outside of the first eight listed above, the only other parties that put up any sort of proper fight were the Socialist Labour Party & the Pensioners Party (Scotland), then the centre right Scottish Peoples Alliance, and then the Pro Life Alliance the only other after that. The "Local Health Concern" candidates were mainly old political hasbeens jumping on the Dr Jean Turner bandwagon, whilst the Countryside Alliance as ever talked a good fight & did little when the time came (most of its members helped the UKIP instead). You might find this site useful for ideas: http://gdl.cdlr.st
  8. Read the header on this thread - IT IS A GAME! There are plenty of "analysis" programmes already out there, but damn few election games. They've got the untapped market in their hands. If the programmers were to make this game ultra-realistic, what you would be left with is something no one would wish to play. There has to be a point where they put a barrier on too much facts, figures & stats for the sake of playability.
  9. Firstly, the graphics & the detail to characters are excellent. A good deal of work has gone into this, & I was particularly impressed at the series of local newspapers listed to be influenced, & as such this deserves a thumbs up. What lets this scenario down is the fact that the minor parties (ie. those outside of the Lab/Con/Lib Dem group) might as well forget it & go home. The Greens who can pick up one token seat, & that will be their lot. Meanwhile, anyone with any knowledge of minor political parties could tell you that Broxbourne has always been one of the most fru
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