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  1. If you could be so kind to send it to: chris_one_only@hotmail.com
  2. Progressive Results on Election Night like in P4E+P - this option alone would make purchasing an updated PM4E British worthwhile for me
  3. Here's a question for anyone who can answer it: Is it possible in any way to substitute the new P4E+P election night coverage, (with the time-based realistic results) into PMF Australia, or any of the PMFs? (Basically I want to be able to have the tense atmosphere when I replay the Aussie election) Alternatively, can preferential voting be used in P4E+P, such that an Aussie scenario could be created for/used in P4E+P? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  4. propmanoz

    Canada 2007

    While you're updating, could you possibly wing the 2007 scenario (or the newer one if finished) over to: cheath@ugrad.unimelb.edu.au Cheers heaps
  5. cheath@ugrad.unimelb.edu.au if it's not too much trouble...
  6. I'd certainly be interested to try it mate, if you're willing to pop it up. You're previous one was very good, I enjoyed it more than the theoryspark official one, because of the separation of independents, and the way you noted sitting and retiring members, made it easy to see at a glance whether the seat was a gain, retain, or loss.
  7. Could you send it to chris_one_only@hotmail.com cheers very much.
  8. Could you perhaps send it to: chris_one_only@hotmail.com Cheers mate, I look forward to trying it out.
  9. chris_one_only@hotmail.com, if that's possible, cheers mate.
  10. I agree. That's where my idea for the game releasing results slowly over a time period is not only more fun and tense, but also more realistic. Because the way it is at the moment, there is no tension to finding out whether you've won a particularly marginal area, that could give you power.
  11. The Constituent Idea could work, I like the idea of demographically splitting a constituent up. (Incidentally I think demographic splitting would be good in PMF and P4E and C4E) The supreme court idea probably is a little too narrow. Doesnt the political leader just choose the supreme court in most countries? Then again, that leads us back onto the government simulator path.
  12. Maybe, it would certainly be a step towards a governing simulator, or anything like that, and regardless it would be a new challenge to deal with in the game. It would make sense, because otherwise you'd have to play senate and House of Reps separately, and what would be the point of that?
  13. I'd love to see this develop into a sort of "Governing Simulator", where you play between elections. But even if that isnt possible. I'd like to be able to play consequent elections. So, for instance, if you finish the 2004 Australia election, you see your result and such, then the engine calculates, based on what happened, a situation for the next election, and you campaign from there. That would give people a chance to slowly edge more minor parties towards government, it would also allow opportunites of defending a minority government perhaps, or trying to haul in a massive deficit. So
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