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  1. I've spent the last two days space-barring through the game to see how the campaign works. One thing that I've noticed is that Democrats routinely wipe Republicans off the map when I run a primary campaign. I've done two campaigns where Democratic Candidates have won the general election by over 10 (Kerry v. McCain and Clark v. Allen). The one thing that I have noticed is that the Republican party seems to be hurt by the Libertarian and Constitution parties, while there is no drain on the Democratic vote. Those two minor parties alone have taken about 15% of the vote each time. I think one
  2. quick note: phillipines and venezuela are spelled differently in the electorate trends and region variable files. Its not the problem, just something i noticed.
  3. As far as the issues, I usually try to break them up into three catagories: Foreign (in this case, national), Economic, and Social. It makes it more enjoyable to have a large swath of issues to run on. So, here's a possible list: National Kyoto United Nations National Sovereignty Terrorism Nuclear Weapons International Peace Keeping Economic Free Trade Immigration WTO Energy Debt Relief Industrialization Social AIDS Relief Religious Fundamentalism Human Rights ICC Crimes Against Humanity (Serbia, ME, Darfur, etc.) Human Cloning And now, I really must get back to finals.
  4. List of Possible world leaders: Conservative – moderately right George W. Bush - US Silvio Berlusconi - Italy Jacques Chirac - France Vladimir Putin - Russia John Howard - Australia Pervez Musharref - Pakistan Hamid Karzai - Afghanistan Arial Sharon - Israel Liberal – moderately left Tony Blair - England Gerhard Schroeder - Germany Bill Clinton – US Vaclev Havel – Czech Republic Atal Behari Vajpayee - India Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - Indonesia Victor Youschenko - Ukraine Social Democrat – far left Jose Zaptero – Spain Manmohan Singh - India Wen Jaibo - China Luiz Lula de
  5. 1876


    It is a generally progressive newspaper. It advocates large policies (such as universal health care), as well as smaller policies (such as changes to our book rental system).
  6. 1876


    I have this attachment to our constitution, and as such I have a strong belief in the freedom of the press. The flipside (the on campus progressive newspaper) is having funding denied to it because of its stance. Not only does this violate the letter of the law (Regents of UW v. Southworth, Rosenberger v. Regents of UVA), it also violates the spirit of the law, by limiting the expression of people on campus. I stand up for the FlipSide because even though I don't agree with it, they have a right to say what they believe. I am also an avid reader, because it because it challenges me in my think
  7. 1876


    I have begun a free speech protest on campus. Our progressive newspaper is being denied funds because of its political point of view, and my campus is about to pass a ban preventing us from using relgious services to fulfill our volunteerism requirement (it violates a lot of case law and its really complex). So, Ive worked about 15 hours on it the last 2 days, and its going to be a long weekend.
  8. I think its a good idea. My only concern is, as someone who has tried his hand at scenario creation, is how much more complex this will make creating scenarios. The 1.15 update added a few new quirks, and the primaries addition will probably do the same. While all of the above are good and necessary additions, it would be nice if scenario creation remained somewhat simple.
  9. 1876

    Next Scenario

    Actually, the hardcore partisan can be a bad thing. For instance, I live in western Wisconsin, and while I will be voting straight ticket for senate, house, and president (republicans), I will be voting for a democrat for state assembly. Why? Because the democrat will better represent my interests. As you can tell from my post in Iraq, I do lean right of center (almost to the point of falling down), but its good to look at the opposing side, consider their point of view, and, if it best matches your interests, vote in favor of the opposing party.
  10. K, as some of you know, in 1840 Martin Van Buren was walked all over by William Henry Harrison due to the collapse of the economy in 1837 (thanks in large part to Jackson's specie cuirae order). I've taken the liberty of creating an alternative reality scenario wherein Van Buren decides against running for a second term and the whigs have yet to reunify. As a result, The Great Triumverate of American History (Calhoun, Webster, and Clay) all run for president. But, to mix things up, the Democrats have also splintered, with Lloyd Benton of Missouri has also been added into the mix, leading a we
  11. Actually, ive got an 1876 scenario that once upon a time worked. Unfortunately, i fooled with it to make it v 1.15 compatible, and it now refuses to work. I'm more than willing to pass along all my info, if you want. Maybe youll have better luck. (Trust me, its a blast to play, and i made it so you could win as hayes or tilden).
  12. K, if i were in your shoes, id line it up like this: New England: Roosevelt, Roosevelt, J Adams, Hamilton (only the most brilliant american treassec.), Daniel Webster North: Lincoln, William Jennings Bryant, McKinley, Taft, Truman South: Wilson, Jefferson, John Calhoun, Davis, Clinton West: Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, Reagan, James Polk, Nixon First, I believe you need to put in the triumverite (Calhoun, Webster, Clay) because they represent their regions interests the best. Hamilton would have made a brilliant president if burr hadnt done him in. (Stupid duel). Jackson is a no brainer, p
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