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  1. I thought about that for awhile, atbut at least in my expericne the endorsers endorse a candidate too soon. Illinois is pretty much done like that though. WHoever gets Dlaey's endorsement is likely to win.
  2. Actually it is possible for McCarthy to win in the scneario, but very difficult. The key is to keep HHH under the necessary delegate majority, and then get RFK to endorse you. You have to pick and chose your states. Very difficult, but Ive seen it happen. I woudlnt change anything.
  3. I dont understand what is going on with the conventions. For some reason the game thinks 600 is a majority, so every convention is a crap shoot if two candidates have 600+ delegates. It's actually kind of realistic in a wya, becasue a lot of HHH would have switched, but this is an error that needs to be addressed. I dont know where in the scenario editor you change the convention majority number. If anyone knows how to change this I will do it right away.
  4. Great! You can use our 1968 scenario as a template if you want.
  5. Im going to update the candidate photos today. They were meant to be temporary anyway.
  6. The scenario looks great. I certainly withdraw my earlier comments about skipping New Hampshire. It looks fine now.
  7. alright, dont vote for 1980 btw, since the devteam will be in charge of that one.
  8. I'd stick with where we had it. 1968 was such a dynamic campaign, that the game engine simply doesnt support having the whoel campaign covered. I would recommend leaving New Hampshire out, despite the fact it was an amazing feat by the McCarthy people.
  9. Im getting floating errors too, generalyl after the indiana primary.
  10. Correct, Humphrey woudlnt have ran is LBJ hadnt dropped out.
  11. I'll help with 76' if you want. My father was a coordinator for the Church campaign, so I'll have some info.
  12. oh that's right, I forogt about 1980. I thought 48 would be alright since there was only a primary with one party, so it would only be a half fudge. 1932, would certainly be a stretch though.
  13. Here are some scenarios Im willing to work on. Maybe electronic and I could start on one of these. This isn't binding, but just curious.
  14. Peace and Freedom Party has now been added, though it is a barebones. It is there mainly for folks who wish to simulate through the scenario. They had a "interesting" primary season though. Very colorful. Comedian DIck Gregory lost, and deceided to run anyway as the Freedom and Peace candidate. The Democratic Primary looks good now. General electorate strength is done except for Wallace outside of the south. We should have this finsihed by next week, as electronic said.
  15. You might want to add Lyndon LaRouche for the heck of it. He ran as a Democrat in msot primaries and received 21% of the vote in Arkansas somehow. I always like adding the nuts, as long as they cant win.
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