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  1. I think normally the makret is untapped, but this year there were something like five games.
  2. Winning with McGovern was my best accomplishment and it was really close. The polls on four states were wrong which is rare in this game.
  3. Please please please make an election night like what was done by the game President Elect. THat game was made so long ago, but no one has been able to match its election night. You can find the game at www.theunderdogs.org
  4. All that needs to be done now are regionalism numbers. Ill email it out to some people and then make some fixes, and add some candidate before releasing it to 80soft.
  5. Independents are lyndon larouche, kinky friedman, donald trump, and tom tancredo.
  6. The Numbers Ive gotten are from republican sites, but they look about right. Main disagreement is if Texas will gain 2 or 3 if NY will lose 1 or 2 and if LA will lose 1...which seems even more likely now. Mainly midwestern states will lose 1 and so will MA They both agree AZ CA and NV will gain 1 Florida will gain 2 Ill see if i can find some numbers from a more liberal site, to se if they differ. Im a bit surprised AZ doesnt gain more
  7. I thought the same thing, I dont want an American war of the Roses...house of Clinton vs House of Bush. Alright I added population projections and fixed some of the congressional majority and overnor majority information. Now all I have to do is add regional issue data and tweak things up a bit. I should double-check my electoral college numbers as well.
  8. True enough just about every senator runs for president sometime in his career. I think this list should be fine for now. Only thing I would like to add is Newsome, Spitzer and Romney. That should be a wide range of candidates. Next step is adding all the state information. Florida is going to be even more important, and Ohio is projected to lose 2 electoral collage votes according to the report I read. ANyone think Louisiana will lose electoral votes? They wouldnt necessairly have to lose people, but just be a smaller percent of the nation's population.
  9. Candidates made so far are Edwards, Clinton, Bayh, Warner, Obama, and Herseth Republicans to be made are Arnie, Huckebee, Frist, Giulliani anyone else?
  10. Theyll forgive Bush for whatever happens. They didnt hold it against Bush's father for appointting Soutter, so I highly doubt that the right wil break ranks with the GOP because Roberts isnt conservative enough.
  11. that copy protection in super power is really horrible
  12. added Stephanie Herseth as a Democratic candidate, know of any relaly young Republicans?
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