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  1. I actually like this new version. It more of a challange and you have to think to win. Unlike the previous games where after a while any gamey strategy would work.
  2. thanks for the tips guys. I prefer strategies that aren't 'gamey' - such as the ads one. I think this takes the fun out of the game.
  3. When playing the UK scenario I don't really know how to approach it. There are so many seats and I get a bit overwhelmed, esspecially as the Tories because on Hard difficulty you really have to think to win. What are some good strategies in approaching the game. Should you set your issues to attacking the other oponents? Should your ads be positive or negative and should you run then country-wide? What about targeting seats, should you target winnable seats in the last days of the campaign or should you target seats you are behind in in the begining and hope to catch up? Some general gaming strategies would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I reckon we should change the poll numbers slightly for this one. Clinton should be ahead a bit more.
  5. Alex

    power politics 3

    whats the deal with that other game? is it similar? better? worse? I just saw an ad for it on another site.
  6. Alex

    Internet play

    In the next version, are we going to be able to play against human players over the web? After a while the AI gets too predictable. It would be good if there were difficulty settings.
  7. I only make policy speeches when I'm really desperate.
  8. The fact is that the founding fathers intended the office of the president to be representative of the people as well as the STATES. The people have a direct say in their government - its called the house of representatives. The electoral college is in place to make sure one big state ie. New York doesn't doesn't get to choose the winner all the time, and is not the center of attention, the president will have to pay attention to those smaller states in the midwest.
  9. Alex


    Does anyone use it? What does it do? Does it make the game more interesting?
  10. Alex

    Worst Campaign

    What was the worst campaign any of you have ever run for a major party in this game? A similar question was asked in the PM thread I remember on one election as the republicans there was this scandal hanging over me for the entire campaign and I couldn't spin it no matter how hard I tried. In the end I lost the popular vote by around 15% and lost every single marginal state in play. It wasn't a good election for me.
  11. Alex

    1992 Scenario

    I think the polls are a bit too close for this one. What about you guys? Otherwise its is a very enjoyable scenario.
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