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  1. Looking for campaign buttons from presidential campaigns. Have extra Bernie and Hillary (don't ask) buttons to trade. Just msg me if you can help. Cheers
  2. I think Lincoln was arguably our greatest president (you could make an argument for FDR). But that's in hindsight. He was someone that rose to the job and became far greater than his potential. A really great example of a man rising to greatness in order to meet the challenges of the period.
  3. I would have voted Seward for reelection in 1860 as he was a much more radical abolitionist than Lincoln, but having the benefit of hindsight would have supported Lincoln once he defeated Seward in the primaries. No contest in 1864, I would have been Lincoln from the start.
  4. I could have sworn she was channeling her inner Rudy Giuliani.
  5. Barkley is an interesting guy. Very smart and understands politics, he was a Republican and was going to run for Governor of Alabama earlier this century. When Obama ran for president though, Barkley supported him, but I don't know if he actually changed parties. I could certainly see him in office some day.
  6. Sanders 7 O'Malley 6 Clinton 3 I thought Hillary lost major points with the 9/11 Wall Street answer. If a Republican had given that answer ,u fellow progressives would have jumped down his throat. Cheers, -Bear
  7. Barkley might slap Kanye. LOL Kraft/Coach K would be a fun indie ticket I think.
  8. Other good candidates would be: Andrew Cuomo Russ Feingold (may be back in the Senate by then) Claire McCaskill Gina Raimondo Primary challenge from Michael Steele Celebs: Coach K of Duke Robert Kraft Charles Barkley
  9. Elizabeth Warren Sherrod Brown Julian Castro Corey Booker Gavin Newsom
  10. Just a few observations. I'm not a Republican or conservative and have no intention of voting for any of these candidates, so bear that in mind. I think Marco Rubio continues to be the candidate that is best able to communicate an overarching vision for the future. He really seems Kennedy or Reaganesque. I think if he continues to emphasize his hope for the future and is able to communicate in such broad strokes, he will probably end up being the nominee. I think Ted Cruz sees this as well and views Rubio as his main challenger for the nomination. I thought John Kasich was the most reaso
  11. Coin toss or otherwise mutually agreed upon drawing of lots.
  12. The total domination of Wall Street, Big Oil and billionares like the Koch Brothers. Just finished reading Elizabeth Warren's book "A Fighting Chance" and enjoyed it very much.

  13. Have you tried adding more issues one by one and seeing if it will work then? Also, I would check the issue names and make sure the issue names you have in any events for Day 1 or Day 2 are correctly named. If you have a non-existent issue in a new story that will crash the game.
  14. A news item will say it caused speeches to be replenished on an issue, but the speech topic never becomes available in your list of available speeches.
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