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  1. I am not aware of any country where there is a secular law against it. Bear in mnd though that ALL Catholic priests are prevented by Canon Law from running for or holding political office, and not just those in certain monastic orders. If the clergyman is Evangelical, Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, Episcoplalian, Lutheran etc probably no issue.
  2. So any chance anyone can help me with the map?
  3. Its been a long time since I've been on here or designed a new scenario. But recently, I had an idea for a scenario about a election for Pope. I know a couple of people have tried this before but nothing has ever been finished as far as I'm aware. So I've got a lot of the basics such as regions and ridings done, but my major problem is the map. I found a world map for a previous scenario, but my regions are different (any country with a cardinal elector) and so the map doesn't work. It would be very helpful if anyone could help me on the map side. I'd also welcome input on issues or candidates. Issues are completely unchanged at this point. There are four parties, Radical Traditional, Traditional, Modernist and Radical Modernist. So far I have Cardinal William Burke for the Radical Tradional faction and Cardinal Robert Sarah for the Traditional group. I need at least 1, I'd prefer 2 options for each party, so I'd welcome any suggestions. The idea is that this is based on a Papal election occuring right now, that way I don't have to worry about which cardinals would pass the age limit of 80 to vote if it was set in the future. This is being made for PM4E 2010.
  4. My 2009 one is almost done, I never did the finishing touches but it will get done eventually.
  5. I think Nikki Sinclair should be removed from the UKIP crusaders list, being as she is in big trouble with the party and is no longer a UKIP MEP.
  6. I definitely think there should be at least 1 alternative independent leader given that Bercow isn't really an independent at all. Richard Taylor of maybe Esther Rantzen should be an alternative option. My only other criticisms would really be that the Lib Dem bounce hasn't really been accounted for and they seem to have actually been put in a harder position that at the last election. Possibly I think support for the smaller parties may have been slightly underestimated, but we only have a week to go to find out. On a more minor point, The Daily Express is not centrist, it is a right wing, at the absolute least center-right but I would have said right wing, newspaper.
  7. To give an update on my various projects. I have found this Summer that I have constantly been having new ideas on scenarios and working hard on one for a while, then another and consequently I have a tonne that are not too far off completion, but no new ones ready. Euro Elections 2009 - This much anticipated one is very nearly ready, there about 4 regions ridings left to do and then its just basically a matter of sorting that problem I mentioned above. Euro Elections 2004 - A fair bit of work still to do. Wales 2011 - Mid stages. Scotland 2005 - Not too much left to do. London Assembly 2008 - Quite a lot of work done on this, map ready, ridings ready, just issues and leaders left to do mainly. Dorset 2009 - Early stages. Bournemouth Council 2007 - Just the ridings (about half done) to finish essentially. BGS 2006 and PostrevBritain 2007 - Two general elections based on govsims I've been involved with. The former has lot's of work to do and the later is experiencing errors. Various by elections as previously discussed.
  8. Yes it will, its just taking longer than I thought it would, and is experiencing teething problems (for instance Jury Team ALWAYS winning seats in Scotland for no discernible reason). It will be done.
  9. No plans to have any no. Maybe for one or two though; might be interesting to have alternates for some of the parties that don't have that option in the main scenario.
  10. Euro 2009 really should be out this week without fail (at least in beta). Also now in progress... Norwich By Election 2009
  11. Euro Elections 2009 Update As there were many significant parties standing in several regions, I have decided it would be a more interesting scenario if the NI parties were removed in favor of the English Democrats, Socialist Labour, NO2EU and the UK First Party. So they will be included, and the NI candidates will be listed under the closest national party (e.g. SDLP under Labour, UUP under Conservative etc). I have done most of the work for the change and I have also added Libertas and Jury Team so the full list of parties will be Labour Conservative Lib Dem Green UKIP BNP NO2EU Socialist Labour English Democrats UK First Libertas Jury Team SNP Plaid Cymru Independent I have also now updated most of the leaders in parties where they have changed since the general election, so further alterations to the ridings file is the main thing left to do. Shouldn't be long now...
  12. Dorset has now been submitted, following some changes, including - Some ad types have increased cost to run. - You only get 1 leaflet at the start, not 3. - Some candidate issue positions changed and some descriptions altered. - Lib Dems now have the same starting funds as Conservatives. - Some percentages tweaked a little for closer fights in some places.
  13. Also, did you notice the Daily Express is down as center left, when its actually more like center right or even right?
  14. There is a Burnley scenario available. I am planning to make one for Barking, and might consider some of the others on that list at some point, being something of a small party fetishist.
  15. Actually, the BNP do have 11 in Barking and Dagenham and 9 in Stoke-on-Trent, plus 45 in Burnley. UKIP have 5 in Newcastle-under-Lyme and recently won 4 seats on Staffordshire County Council.
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