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  1. Two states (i.e. Maine) currently can split their electoral votes because of congressional districts, so I'd like to see that implemented in P4E. It'd be rather cool. Proportional voting in a given state (Colorado's measure failed in 2004) as an option would be rather cool, too. Also, I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned too: Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard? Just some thoughts.
  2. A LOT of negative campaigning. I feel that any backfiring doesn't compensate for all the damage I could cause. (Check the 3rd party thread I started for a longer description) Since I heard Red Dawn was nearly impossible (from earlier in this topic) when being played as a Democrat, I just tried it. I beat McCain as Edwards, 57%-36%, and won 501-37 (lost Idaho, Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, Nebraska, and Alaska). This scenario is quite odd...49% advantage for the Democrats in Washington, and then tied up or losing in every other state including DC? Shouldn't it be the other way around with Washin
  3. I've been playing this quite a bit and save every single result I have. All settings are: Regionalism: On Economy: On Spies: On (though I never use them...) Fog of War: On Dynamism: Off (I shudder at how outrageous my electoral victories would be if I allow myself to have this on...they're already big as is) I also always use the maximum number of parties that are available. Top 10 scores: The three most notable wins Goldwater (1964 scenario) - October 12, 2005 Note: Republicans are blue on 1964. JFK (1960 official scenario) - October 15, 2005 Kerry (2004 official scenario) -
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