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  1. For some reason, I can never get games with McCain like what I do with Obama. This electoral map is completely psychotic! (v1.6.4, Hard Mode) And to a bizarre showing as Jimmy Carter in the 1980 scenario yesterday:
  2. Karma finally got the best of me. States within 5%: VT -4.4 MT -4.3 IA -4.2 IN -4.0 CO -3.3 TX -3.2 MS -3.1 GA -2.9 TN -2.8 WI -2.7 MO -2.6 AR -2.4 RI -2.2 NC -2.1 NV -1.7 OH -1.5 NM -0.5 WV +0.0 (won by 88 total votes!) NJ +1.4 MA +1.8 DE +2.7 PA +3.0 HI +3.7
  3. I second Jayavarman's thoughts. Some solid red states are surprisingly in single digits (Alaska, Dakotas) and this should be reflected in the scenario. Anyway, appreciate the work you've done on the scenario. Any idea when you will release the next version?
  4. Yeah, it was pretty funny how I didn't win a single state until past Super Tuesday. Hillary didn't win all those states though - Richardson and Edwards had a handful. I stayed in the race because I used the Obama campaign strategy of minimizing losses in delegates in larger states rather than outright winning smaller states. I've no idea what happened in Illinois, other than that there was a drastic shift from being +6% in the final poll to -6% by the time election results in. Alaska went from -11% to +6%, too. I guess there were a lot of leaners.
  5. Pretty much a bit of everything. Ads, endorsements, scandals.
  6. I was playing on the Beta version of v1.6.0.1 and I think I've discovered the most ridiculous way to win an election. I played this on Hard Mode as I usually do, and turned on the Libertarian candidates and Baldwin. Primaries: This was off of a comeback where Richardson endorsed Hillary, Edwards endorsed me (Obama), and then I had to make up about 150 delegates from April onward to win. General Election: I had to fight on my own turf, with most of the swing states being blue states. Enough said.
  7. I played this 1992 scenario five times on hard mode (I only play scenarios on hard mode) with Perot. I was finally able to win on the 5th try a week ago, without the popular vote plurality:
  8. Can I have a copy of this scenario? Thanks. yoyounreal@gmail.com
  9. I'd like to have a copy of it too. yoyounreal@gmail.com
  10. Hey, I haven't gotten the scenario. Could you send it to me? Thanks. yoyounreal@gmail.com
  11. Looks great so far! Send me a copy when you are done: yoyounreal@gmail.com
  12. Scenario: 2008 (newest version of P4ever 2008), Hard mode, everything checked Dems: Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Biden, Dodd, Kucinch, Vilsack GOP: Giuliani, Thompson, McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Paul, Tancredo, Hunter October 2007: Ron Paul begins a barnstorming, foot soldier, and leadership ad campaign in Iowa and accepts invitations to the Oprah Winfrey Show and Letterman Show for more publicity. He wins the Republican debate in October and by the end of the month, he has a legit chance of taking the state from Romney. Paultards are all over Iowa and have taken Ron Paul to a lead i
  13. I'd like to have it as well. yoyounreal@gmail.com
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