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  1. This really bothers me, I bought PM4E-Canada without any warning that the scenarios didn't work, or that there is a much more complete PM4E game (PM4E-UK). Why would 80soft create 2 completely different games, and have one really stripped down?
  2. Why is there any difference between UK and Canada? I, personally, consider this a bug with PM4E-Canada more than anything since I already purchased the game.
  3. One other idea that I thought would be awesome would be different goal conditions that you can set on a party by party basis for scenarios. IE. if you are playing the Greens during the 2004 elections. A goal condition could be to get 3% of the vote to get the money for the next election. Or if you are playing the NDP, a goal condition could be to get certain candidates elected. These goal conditions add values to your final score, and thus you can do better by completely primary, secondary and tertiary goals. (As well as bonus goals if you get them through random events.) This would totally
  4. Still fails with the error "List index out of bounds (92)"
  5. - Long term campaigning. (could be turned into career campaigning) - Basically a part of the game where you are campaigning while in office, you obviously cannot do the level of campaigning which you can do at the election time. However, if you had more than 2-3 months to campaign, you may be able to actually get a party into power who would never in a million years have a majority without really really slick campaigning. As well, it could raise the initial coffers as well. - (Everyone has said it, I may as well too) More than 4 parties - A scenario editor - Smear campaigning. (Actual way
  6. I bought PM4E - Canada edition, and none of the scenarios I download even remotely work with it. I love the game and even praised it on my blog, but I was quite disappointed when I found out that I couldn't play Alberta, or even the 2000 elections. Especially since I don't normally play Con or Lib (because they are too easy) and the NDP are pretty much locked out of getting a majority on the 2004 elections. Any advice or help on this would be great.
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